Bochum City Germany Europe Holiday Destination

Posted by: Admin; Date: 25-July-2022

About Bochum city destination: Bochum is a beautiful modern city of the Germany country in Europe region. Bochum city is placed on bank of the River Ruhr where people can explore Germany local people social and culture modern activities. Bochum is a good destination to Germany local city tour which is located in western of the country. Its nearest cities are Essen city and Dortmund city.

Distance from Bochum city: Bochum city is well connected to other Germany domestic places via air, road and train transport. Bochum city is exact 23.0 KM distance from Dortmund city, Essen city is exact 17.3 KM distance, Dusseldorf city is just 50.6 KM distance, Cologne city is just 88.5 KM distance, Bonn city is just 113.7 KM distance, Munster city is just 76.8 KM distance.

Germany tour: It is well destination in Europe which is located in northern of the Europe region. Germany is a fully developed country which central capital city is Berlin city. Germany holiday is a good idea to enjoy holiday in summer season where tourists can explore country modern economy and social activities. In winter season generally, all country covered by snow fall and weather become so cool. Germany is modern country where people live their life with modern technology. Switzerland holiday trip , Europe holiday trip and Japan holiday trip .

How can come to Bochum city: It is well connected to other Germany domestic places and other European countries via air transport, road transport and train transport. Other foreign countries passengers can come via air transport.

Air Transport: Dortmund Airport is the nearest airport which is just 32.3 KM distance from Bochum city centre.

Water Transport: It is located in western of the Germany country where did not has water transport network. Bochum city's nearest seaport is Hamburg port city (352.4 KM) and Bremen port city (242.3 KM).

Train Transport: Bochum Hbf is the main Travel Terminals of the Bochum city where people can get train transport to other European countries along with other Germany local domestic destinations.

Bochum city tourists attractions: Bochum city has several famous places to visit which some are German Mining Museum, Bochum Historisches Museum, Alte Bahntrasse - Historical landmark, Aussichtspunkt auf dem Tippelsberg - Observation deck, Lookout AD BO-West - Observation deck, Erzbahnbrucke Nr. 2 (Autobahn A40) - Bridge, Fossilium Bochum Zoo - Animal park, Planetarium Bochum, HARDECK & hardi Einrichtungshaus Bochum - Furniture store, Dassbach Kuchen Bochum - Kitchen furniture store, Freizeitbad Heveney - Water park, LWL Industrial Museum Mine Nachtigall, Klettergebiet Muttental etc.

Bochum city famous Restaurants & accommodations: Bochum city has several modern hotels accommodations to stay days and nights. Bochum city’s some famous restaurants are Henrichs Restaurant - Cafe - Lounge, Restaurant EssZimmer, Eventfabrik Hattingen - Restaurant, Restaurant Burg Blankenstein, Restaurant Fachwerk, Restaurant Odysseus, Gaststatte "Der Ruhr-Pott" - German restaurant, Haus Morgenrote - Restaurant, Cafe Restaurant Burgfreund, Mythos Restaurant - Greek restaurant, Restaurant Tafelspitz, Trattoria Da Ruben - Italian restaurant, Pane e Vino - Italian restaurant, Restaurant Trattoria Toscana - Italian restaurant etc.