Canada Visa Policy

Canada Visa Policy

The Visa Policy of Canada is the most favorable for many commonwealth countries and other ones from where one could also obtain a temporary resident visa. The Visa is obtained from the Canadian diplomatic missions and all is needed to hold a valid passport. The holding of Passport is issued by 54 eligible Visa exempted countries along with proof of the permanent residences in the United States makes one easily get the Visa for Canada Union. The country with Visa-Exempt traveling to Canada except the United States Citizens make it necessary to obtain Electronic Travel Authorization(eTA) which helps in arriving Canada by Air since 10 November 2016.

Visitors Visa Procedure

The applications of Visitor Visas with work permits along with study permits and also certain kinds of permanent residency helps to get Visa immediately and is submitted online. The country by which passport a person got the Visa issued with a Visa application may also be submitted a Visa application centre through Canadian diplomatic mission. Once a person reaches Canada through any means of transportation the immigration officer by Canada Border Services Officer(BSO) stamp passports along with travel documents make the visitors granted a stay of 6 months. The specific date which explains the completion of Visa is written on the stamp put on the passport so the person has to leave on or before that particular date.

Visa Exempt Foreign Nationals

The ETA which is the most common form of passport these days and as per the Canadian Government initiative it is all about scanning of the visa-exempt foreign nationals. The travelers who applied with the August 1, 2015 as a due date and it went full effect till 10 November 2016. The visitors can apply through website of immigration, Refugees along with Citizenship Canada (IRCC) and also requires to pay a cost recovery fee of 7 Canadian Dollar. The U.S.A which certainly has an advantage over other countries but still some nationals who do not get the Visa Free exemption whether for biographic details along with passport and background information including additional citizenship with available funds and employment information with the contact details with multiple entries up-to 5 years or until Passport’s expiration date make things easy for the people from different categories.

Dual Citizens and Permanent Residents

The dual citizens and permanent residents are the two most important aspect which helps to enter Canada with a valid passport and the nationality of a Visa-Exempt country which does not have a valid Canadian passport get barred from applying for an eTA which requires an entry to Canada. The eligible person needs to meet the following requirements

Should have a previously Canadian Passport

Should receive a certificate of Canadian Citizenship

Should be granted Canadian Citizenship after becoming permanent resident.

The special authorization does not require a Canadian citizenship with the Citizenship or nationality with Visa-Exempt Country ( Except United States) along with valid Canadian Passport through which one can travel with their PR Card or a one-time permanent resident with travel document (PRTD) and travel to Canada by air unless holding a U.S. Passport.

Thus, these are the common rules and obligations to get a Visa for entering into Canada and the rules and regulations must be strictly adhered for the righteous way to gain entry into Canada.

6 Months FREE Visa But Passport Required to the following countries:- United States, All European Union citizens, Australia, New Zealand, Andorra, Bahamas, Barbados, Brunei, Chile, Hong Kong, Iceland, Israel, Japan, Liechtenstein, Mexico, Monaco, Norway, Samoa, San Marino, Papua New Guinea, Singapore, Solomon Islands, South Korea, Switzerland, Taiwan, United Arab Emirates, Vatican City.

6 Months Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) to the following countries:- None Permanent Residnece of the United State, USA residence who enter Canada by Land and Sea, Brazil Country People.

Visa Mandatory Required to the following countries:- India, China, Russia, North Korea, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Shri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Bhutan, Turkey, Mangolia, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Vietnam, Phillippines, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Yemen, Oman, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, Bolivia, Paraguay, Argentina, Peru, All African Counties.