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www.canadatur.com is Canada tour and travel agency which provides Canada country tour packages with affordable rate to visit its the most famous tourists places. Canada is a country with second highest land are per square kilometre and with terrains which give the best landscape whether it is of the mountains along with sea and the hills, forests and rivers it could be said to be the country which attracts largest number of domestic and foreign tourists. The country which can be said incredible in terms of cities which are very much modern in their aspects and with the cultural diversity one could say that the significant tourist attractions call the people to join it thus generating jobs at ease and it turns out to be the direct contribution towards GDP as well as economy.

World Heritage Sites

The 17 World Heritage Sites in Canada makes it one of the most protected country which understands the value of the monuments and it’s upkeep giving the country to have one of the newest cultural and natural heritages. The few of the oldest one which are Nahanni National park along with Northwest Territories and the Red Bay Basque make it the cultural heritages along with 9 Natural heritages which gives the country a new and natural way to enjoy the inflow of international tourists who visit the national park for the hunting expeditions along with bringing US$17.4 Billion in international tourism.

Canada's Provinces & Territories

The British Columbia is one of the westernmost provinces and it touches the pacific ocean. Winters in coastal areas are warm along with the region is divided into 6 regions with mountains and sea making spectacular scenery in the world. The skiing which is one of the main attractions and is the favorite winter game makes it the major draw for people to come and enjoy the ski slopes. The largest Canadian metropolitan area are West Toronto and is the city with ethnic population with Vancouver being the harbour city where the popular aspect of life is enjoying over the yacht and also going for cruises.

Hunting and enjoying the Cabin woods life

The Alberta is one of the other Canada's Western province making it a geographical region for enjoying the hunting as most of the national parks are situated here. The Hunting and enjoying the cabin woods life with Edmonton which is known as the Canada’s festival city with Alberta being another skiing destination for tourists make it one of the most favorable place for Hunters and winter sports enthusiasts attracting good number of people.

Festivals and Events:

The Festivals and Events are another interesting aspect of Canada which makes the people enjoy the festivals which are musical extravaganza or the theatre based on folklore making it a way to give the cultural aspect of the country to govern the minds of people for a long more time. Some of the well known festivals are Winnipeg Fringe Theatre Festival along with Winnipeg International Winters Festival. So, Winnipeg is the attraction for tourists where one can find the Festival Du Voyageur held every February and thus makes the cities in Canada to enjoy the multicultural aspects of life.

So, Canadatur.com helps to explore the every region of the country and with the tour packages which brings the people an easy way to enjoy it helps to give the people an insight about the country.

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