Bay of Fundy Tour, Canada

About Bay of Fundy, Canada:- Bay of Fundy or Fundy Bay is located between Nova Scotia and New Brunswick Canadian provinces which is a high tidal range area. The Fundy Bay is famous for tides which maximum height is 16.8-metre (55-feet) which low and high tide time duration is 6.30 hours. Fundy National Park is a famous tourist place where tourists can enjoy of the high and low tides.

How can Reach to Fundy National Park:- Fundy National Park is located in New Brunswick province of the Canada country which landmark places are Parkland Village and Alma village. Alma village connects to Trans Canada Highway by New Brunswick Route 114 which is just 96 KM far from Trans Canada Highway 2.

"Greater Moncton Romeo LeBlanc International Airport" is the nearest domestic airport of the Canada country. It is just 87.1 KM distance from Alma village. Tourists can get flights here to other cities of the Canada like Ottawa, Toronto and Montreal etc.

Nearest Major Airport:- "Greater Moncton Romeo LeBlanc International Airport" provides domestic flights services to Canada major cities which includes Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal. It is just 87.1 KM distance from Fundy National Park.

Bus Services:- Buses are available from "Greater Moncton Romeo LeBlanc International Airport" (87.1 KM) to Fundy National Park tour.

Taxi Services:- Taxis are available from "Greater Moncton Romeo LeBlanc International Airport" (87.1 KM) to Fundy National Park tour.

Maximum Tides Height:- 16.8-metre (55-feet).

Approximately time duration between each high and low tide:- 6.30 Hours.

Location:- New Brunswick, Canada.

Tourist Attractions:- Fundy National Park, Boating, visit high and low tides, beach.

Things to Do in Fundy National Park:- Kayaking, mountain Hiking, Fishing, Camping, Paddling, Beach, Canoeing, Mountain biking, Swimming.

New Brunswick Weather Temperature

Months Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Average Low (℃) -13.3 -12.6 -7.4 -1.2 3.9 8.4 11.6 11.2 7.7 2.8 -1.9 -9.3
Average High (℃) -2.5 -1.5 2.4 8.5 15.0 19.6 22.6 22.4 18.2 12.3 6.4 0.5

Alma Village Nearest Accommodations:- Parkland Village Inn, Alpine Motor Inn, Captain's Inn, Cleveland Place, Alma Shore Lane Suites and Cottages, Vista Ridge, Cliffside Suites & Cottage, Fundy Writer's Retreat, Falcon Ridge Inn, Bayview Motel, Chalets & RV Park, Fundy Highlands Motel & Chalets, Fundy National Park Of Canada.

Distances from Alma village (Fundy National Park):-

Moncton city : 49.0 Mile (79 KM)

Ottawa City : 733.0 Mile (1179.8 KM)

Toronto City Centre : 956.2 Mile (1538.9 KM)

Montreal City : 613.6 Mile (987.6 KM)

Vancouver City : 3442.0 Mile (5539.4 KM)

Calgary City : 2844.7 Mile (4578.2 KM)

Edmonton City : 2829.9 Mile (4554.3 KM)