Biel/Bienne City Switzerland Holiday Destination

Posted by: Admin; Date: 17-Jan-2022

About Biel/Bienne city destination: Biel/Bienne is a natural beautiful city which is situated on bank of the Lake Biel. The Biel/Bienne city is situated just 0 KM distance from Bern capital city of the Switzerland country. Biel/Bienne city is located in good location which one side has natural water lake and three sides has snow capped mountains which make the city good weather to live healthy life.

Biel/Bienne city is exact 39.5 KM distance from Bern capital city, Geneva global city is exact 154.8 KM far, Zurich business city is exact 121.6 KM distance, Basel boarder city is exact 98.3 KM far, Lausanne city is exact 105.0 KM distance, Lucerne city is just 108.7 KM far, Zug city is just 131.9 KM distance, St Gallen city is exact 204.0 KM distance, Montreux city is just 126.5 KM far.

Switzerland is a worldwide famous country which is all over world popular for its natural beauty. The Switzerland country has several snow capped mountains, snow glaciers, flowers valley, grassland valley which also called meadows, natural water lakes, deep forests area etc. Switzerland is also a famous holiday destination to summer vacation and winter vacations where come people in summer season to enjoy cool weather. Foreign countries also come to Swiss country in winter vacation to enjoy snow sports because Swiss country has several snow resorts. Switzerland tour holiday and UK London tour holiday .

How can come to Biel/Bienne city: Biel/Bienne city is well connected to other Switzerland local places via road transport and train transport. Its nearest major international airport is situated in Bern capital city where passengers can get international flights.

Bienne - Travel Terminals: Bienne railway station is the central train station where passengers can get trains to other Swiss domestic places and some European countries also.

Biel/Bienne - Ferry terminal: Bienne Ferry terminal is situated in Lake Biel where passengers can get ferry services to other location bank of the lake. the Lake Biel total length is 15 KM.

Bern international Airport: Bern city Airport is the nearest major international airport which is just 53.4 KM distance from Biel/Bienne city. Bern city airport is the third busiest international airport of the Swiss country where passengers can get international and domestic both types flights.

Segelflugplatz Airport: it is the nearest regional airport which is just 19.2 KM distance from Biel/Bienne city where passengers can get domestic flights to other Swiss local cities.

Biel/Bienne city famous tourist places: the city has several man made and natural attractions such as Biel/Bienne - Ferry terminal, Strandboden - Park, Pavillon Felseck - Observation deck, Kunsthaus Centre d'art Pasquart - Art museum, Kunst in Biel - Art gallery, Neues Museum Biel, Justice Fountain - Historical landmark, Omega Museum, Tissot Arena - Stadium, Biel Zoo - Animal park, Hotel Camping Sutz, Mörigen-Bucht, Erlebniswelt Seeteufel - Zoo etc.

Biel/Bienne city famous Restaurants & accommodations: the city has lots of affordable hotels accommodations to stay nights and Restaurants to eat good foods such as Restaurant Gottstatterhaus - European restaurant, Du Lac - Restaurant, Capriccio - Pizza restaurant, Restaurant Residenz - Swiss restaurant, Casa Miracoli - Indian restaurant, Cafe Bresil - Restaurant, Italia - Restaurant, Restaurant Stadtgarten - Italian restaurant, Restaurant Brasserie Les deux, Restaurant Pizzeria Verona, Falken / Faucon - Swiss restaurant etc.