United Kingdom Holiday to Big Ben Clock Tower Tour Destination

Posted by: Admin; Date: 31-July-2021

About Big Ben Clock Tower Destination: Big Ben is a famous tourist place in London city which is a Clock Tower. the Great Bell (Big Ben) official name is Elizabeth Tower. The Big Ben was built in 1859 and which height is 96 metres. Its Architectural style is Gothic Revival. It is situated on bank of the River Thames and just near of the Palace of Westminster.

How can reach to Big Ben Clock Tower: it is located in London city on bank of the River Thames. London city is well connected with all over world via air, water transport while European countries connected also via road and train transport.

Train Transport: London Waterloo Station is the busiest international railway station of the UK which is just 0.6 Miles distance from Big Ben Tower. Tourists can get here trains to other European countries along with domestic major cities.

Road Transport: UK country has excellent and modern road transport system which all places connected to gather via road transport. Big Ben Tower is just 1.5 Miles distance from The British Museum, Tower of London - Castle is just 2.5 Miles distance, Buckingham Palace is just 0.8 Miles far, Kensington Palace is exact 2.6 Miles distance, Natural History Museum is just 2.6 Miles far, London Zoo is just 3.4 Miles far, St. Paul's Cathedral is just 2.0 Miles distance.

Flights Transport: Heathrow Airport is the busiest international airport of the United Kingdom which is just 16.1 Miles distance from Big Ben Tower.

London City Airport is another second busy airport of the London city which is just 8.8 Miles far from Big Ben Tower.

Things to do around the Big Ben Clock Tower: Travelers can do lots of activities near of the Big Ben tower and in London city like photography, reach top of the tower, Palace of Westminster, Boating in the Thames River, Enjoy Riding on London Eye, watch Westminster Abbey church, eat London city famous foods, Shopping London famous gifts items, watch UK royal family Buckingham Palace residence, prayer in St. Paul's Cathedral etc.

Tourists attraction around the Big Ben Clock Tower: people can watch several historical places near of the Big Ben tower like the following.

Attractions near the Big Ben: Westminster Bridge, Westminster Abbey - Church, Palace of Westminster, Sir Winston Churchill Statue, City Cruises London Westminster Pier, St James's Park Lake, St Margaret's Church etc.

Other Attractions in London: Buckingham Palace, London Eye, Trafalgar Square -Plaza, St. Paul's Cathedral, The British Museum, Queen Mary's Rose Gardens, Richmond Park, Hyde Park etc. England holiday travel is a well idea to Big Ben Tower tour which is situated in London city of the United Kingdom country.

A Switzerland holiday travel is a nice plan to Bern capital city of the Switzerland country tour which is located just 125 Miles distance from Zurich city. The Bern city is situated on bank of the Aare River which is well connected with overseas countries via air transport while other European countries people also can come via road and train transport. Bern city has international third busiest train station of the Swiss country.

The Bern is a beautiful city which situated middle of the snow capped mountains and deep forest which is heaven and excellent environment city in Europe. The city some famous places to visit are Museum of Fine Arts Bern, Schweizer Schutzenmuseum, Freimaurer Museum Schweiz, Psychiatrie-Museum, Antikensammlung Bern, city Zoo, Zick-Zack Zoo, The Cathedral of Bern etc.