United Kingdom Holiday to Big Ben Tower Tour Destination

Posted by: Admin; Date: 19-Dec-2020

About Big Ben Tower Destination: Big Ben Tower (Elizabeth Tower) is a landmark of the London capital city in United Kingdom country. Big Ben Tower was built in 1859 which height is 96 metres. It is a Clock Tower which is proper working since 1859. It is located on bank of the River Thames and its nearest landmark is the Houses of Parliament of the United Kingdom country.

How can reach to Big Ben Tower: It is located in London city downtown near of the Westminster Bridge. It is well connected via road, train, water and air transport with domestic cities along with foreign countries.

Road Transport: UK country has modern transport system which road conditions are excellent. Big Ben Tower is located in central London city which is well connected with other cities of the UK. Bristol city is just 118 Miles distance from Big Ben Tower. Oxford town is exact 56 Miles far, Cambridge is just 64 Miles distance, Birmingham city is just 126 Miles far, Cardiff is just 151 Miles far, Liverpool is just 221 Miles distance and Manchester city is just 209 Miles far.

Train Transport: St Pancras International is the nearest major train station which is just 2.9 Miles far from Big Ben Tower. People can get trains here to other European countries and domestic cities of the United Kingdom.

Flights Transport: Its nearest major airport is Heathrow Airport which is the busiest airport of the United Kingdom country. Airport is just 16 Miles distance from Big Ben Tower. People can get flights to foreign countries from Heathrow Airport which connects London city to mostly foreign countries via air transport.

Things to do near of the Big Ben Tower: People can do many recreation activities near of the Big Ben tower such as watch clock tower, photography, boating in River Thames, watch Houses of Parliament of the UK, eat UK local foods and by memorable items etc.

Tourists attraction around Big Ben Tower: Travelers can visit many famous places near of the Big Ben tower which includes are New Palace Yard, Houses of Parliament, PC Keith Palmer GM Police Memorial Stone, Westminster Hall, Parliamentary War Memorial, Statue of Oliver Cromwell, Cromwell Green, Palace of Westminster, Statue of Richard I of England, Sir Winston Churchill Statue, Statue of Benjamin Disraeli, Mahatma Gandhi Statue, Boudiccan Rebellion Statue and Westminster Millennium Pier etc. England UK tour vacation is good idea to visit Big Ben Tower of the London city which is located in United Kingdom country.

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