Chelmsford City United Kingdom Holiday Destination

Posted by: Admin; Date: 16-May-2022

About Chelmsford city destination: Chelmsford is a beautiful city of the United Kingdom which is just 40.9 miles distance from London capital city of the UK. Chelmsford city is situated on bank of the River Chelmer which make city more environment friendly. Chelmsford city is just 14.0 Miles distance from Heybridge Basin village which is placed on shore of the North Sea. United Kingdom is placed in northern of the Europe region which around also has only Sea water does not connect any other countries land border while its nearest countries are Ireland and France which is also connected to UK via under water tunnel.

Chelmsford city is good connected to other United Kingdom places via road transport, train transport and air transport to other domestic places. London city is just 41 Miles distance from Chelmsford city, Cambridge education city is just 45.0 Miles distance, Bristol coastal city is just 165.7 miles far, Cardiff Wales capital city is just 196.8 Miles far, Birmingham city is just 140.6 Miles far.

United Kingdom is a top country of the Europe region which is placed in western of the North Sea and Eastern of the Ireland country. UK is also located in northern of the France country which is also connected to UK country via the under water tunnel (via the English channel tunnel). United Kingdom all around has only Sea water similar as Australia country and Japan country. UK around has many Seas which are the English channel, the North Sea, the Irish Sea, the St. George's Channel, the Bristol channel, the Celtic Sea etc. UK tour is a well plan to explore UK local people modern life style. UK London tour travel and Switzerland tour travel .

How can come to Chelmsford city: the city is good jointed to other United Kingdom native places via road transport, air transport and train transport. London capital city is just 41 Miles distance from Chelmsford city where also has international airport and international seaport. Chelmsford city is just 18 Miles distance from Seaport which is located in Heybridge Basin.

Chelmsford - Train station: Chelmsford is also connected to other UK places via train transport where has a local railway station, UK country all major and local cities connected to gather via modern train transport.

Heathrow Airport: Heathrow is the international airport of the UK country which is placed in Greater London. Heathrow airport is also the busiest international airport of the UK country where people can get flights to all over world.

Tilbury Harbour: Tilbury is the central seaport which situated near of the London city where people can get water transport to all over world and UK domestic places. UK has excellent water transport network.

Chelmsford city tourists attractions: Chelmsford city has several famous places to visit which some are Chelmsford Museum, Hylands House - Historical place, Essex Police Museum - History museum, Anglia Ruskin University, Jump Street - Sports complex, Boreham House - Manor house, Baddow Park House - Wedding venue, Chelmsford Cathedral, All Saints C Of E Church, St Augustine Church, St. Philip's Priory - Monastery etc.

Chelmsford city famous Restaurants & accommodations: Chelmsford city has lots of modern hotels accommodations which some luxury and affordable types. Chelmsford city some popular restaurants are Bartellas Restaurant, Olio On The Green - Italian restaurant, Pontlands Park, San - Chinese restaurant, The Blaze Restaurant, Authentico Chelmsford - Italian restaurant, Wildwood - Italian restaurant, Turtle Bay Chelmsford - Caribbean restaurant, The Gurkha Restaurant - Nepalese restaurant etc.