Fernie BC City Tour Guide, Distance, Attractions & Weather Destination

Posted by: Admin; Date: 14-Aug-2023

About Fernie BC City destination: Fernie is a modern city which is located in British Colombia province of the Canada country. Fernie is a nature beautiful city where has snow capped several mountains, waterfalls, forest, River and lakes etc.

Distance from Fernie BC City: Fernie city is good jointed to other Canadian regional places via air, train and road transport.

  • Fernie city is exact 289.0 KM distance from Calgary metropolitan city.
  • Fort Macleod city is just 159.5 KM distance.
  • Cranbrook city is just 96.3 KM distance.
  • Kelowna city is just 625.4 KM distance.
  • Kamloops city is just 683.0 KM far.
  • Vancouver port city is just 938.7 KM distance.
  • Edmonton city is just 578.9 KM distance.

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Fernie BC City Weather Temperature

Months Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Average Low (℃) -9.6 -9.2 -4.9 -1.1 2.8 6.6 8.4 7.4 3.3 -0.7 -5.0 -10.1
Average High (℃) -0.7 1.6 6.5 11.9 16.9 20.6 25.1 25.1 19.3 11.6 2.9 -1.9

How can come to Fernie BC City: Fernie is a modern city which is placed in British Columbia province of the Canada country. Fernie city is very well connected to other Canadian regional places via air, train and road transport. Other countries passengers can come to Fernie city via air transport which nearest international airport is Canadian Rockies International Airport where people can get air transport to other overseas countries and Canadian regional places.

Air Transport: Canadian Rockies International Airport is the nearest airport where people can get air transport services to other overseas countries and Canadian regional places also. Canadian Rockies International Airport is just 104.5 KM distance from Fernie city.

Water Transport: Fernie BC city is not a coastal or port city where has not water transport services to other foreign countries and domestic places. But city is situated on bank of the River where people can enjoy boating and other water sports.

Train Transport: Fernie city has local train station where passengers can get train services to other Canadian local places and some metropolitan cities like Calgary city.

Fernie BC City tourists attractions: Fernie city has several natural and man made places to visit which some are Mount Hosmer - Mountain peak, Three Sisters - Mountain peak, Mount Bisaro - Mountain peak, Lizard Range - Mountain peak, Barnes Peak - Mountain peak, Crowsnest Range - Mountain peak, Mount Broadwood - Mountain peak, Old Growth Trail parking - Hiking area, Fernie Freestyle Club - Skiing Club, Polar Peak - Hiking area, Mount Fernie Provincial Park, Fernie Alpine Resort - Ski resort, Microwave tower hang gliding launch, Matheson Falls Trailhead, Fernie Garden Centre, James White Park, RV Resort, Golf Club, Max Turyk Community Centre etc.

Fernie BC City famous Restaurants & accommodations: Fernie city has several budget types and luxury types hotels to stay days and nights. Fernie city some famous restaurants are Fernie Mobile Home Park, Dairy Queen - Fast food restaurant, Canadian Powder Tours Lodge, The Chopstick Truck - Restaurant, The Old Elevator - Chinese restaurant, Himalayan Spice Bistro - South Asian restaurant, The Brickhouse - Bar & grill, Big Bang Bagels - Bagel shop, NEVADOS Tequila and Mezcal Lounge - Latin American restaurant, The Fernie Taphouse, Le Bon Pain - C'est La Vie - Bakery and Cake Shop, Happy Cow Ice Cream - Ice cream shop, Yamagoya Sushi - Sushi restaurant, Pizza & Pasta - Pizza restaurant, A&W Canada - Hamburger restaurant etc.