Kimberley BC City Tour Guide, Distance, Attractions & Weather Temperature Destination

Posted by: Admin; Date: 6-Nov-2023

About Kimberley BC City destination: Kimberley is a modern city which is located in Canada country of the British Colombia province. It is also a skiing Resort where people can do several types of the snow sports activities in winter season.

Distance from Kimberley BC City: Kimberley city is placed in British Columbia province of the Canada country which is very good jointed to other domestic places via air, train and road transport.

  • Kimberley BC is exact 28.8 KM distance from Cranbrook city.
  • Kimberley BC is exact 112.4 KM distance from Grasmere city.
  • Kimberley BC is exact 148.4 KM distance from Sparwood city.
  • Kimberley BC is exact 258.5 KM distance from Castlegar city.
  • Kimberley BC is exact 391.4 KM distance from Calgary metropolitan city.
  • Kimberley BC is exact 557.7 KM distance from Kelowna city.
  • Kimberley BC is exact 594.8 KM distance from Kamloops city.
  • Kimberley BC is exact 571.2 KM distance from Vancouver port city.

Canada tour: It is a good idea to spend holiday in Canada country which is placed in northern of the USA country. Canada is a cool weather temperature country where all cities and villages occur snow full in winter season. Its some famous cities are Montreal city, Toronto city, Ottawa city, Vancouver city etc. Europe travel vacation booking, Japan travel vacation and Switzerland travel vacation booking.

Kimberley BC Weather Temperature

Months Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Average Low (℃) -11.9 -10.3 -5.3 -0.6 3.8 7.2 9.7 8.9 4.2 -1.1 -6.0 -11.2
Average High (℃) -1.7 2.1 7.6 13.5 18.2 21.7 26.5 26.3 21.0 12.3 3.1 -2.5

How can come to Kimberley BC City: Kimberley is a famous skiing resort which is located in British Columbia province of the Canada country. Kimberley city is very good connected to other Canadian regional places via air, train and road transport.

Air Transport: Canadian Rockies International Airport is a nearest international airport where people can get domestic and international both types air flights. Canadian Rockies International Airport is just 21.5 KM distance from Kimberley city.

Water Transport: Kimberley is not a port or coastal city where has not water transport services to other Canadian coastal places and foreign countries.

Train Transport: Cranbrook city has nearest railway station where people can get train transport to other Canada regional places. Cranbrook city is just 28.8 KM distance from Kimberley BC city.

Kimberley BC City tourists attractions: Kimberley is a nature rich city where has snow capped mountains and other attractions which some are Kimberley Nature Park, Cranbrook Community Forest, Mount Baker - Mountain peak, Grassy Mountain - Mountain peak, Mount Evans - Mountain peak, Mount McKay - Mountain peak, White Grouse Mountain - Mountain peak, Higgins SW4 - Mountain peak, Buhl E4 - Mountain peak, Kimberley Alpine Resort, Marysville Falls Viewpoint, Horse Barn Valley Interpretive Forest entrance (E6), Wycliffe Buttes - Hiking area, North Star Hill - Mountain peak etc.

Kimberley BC City famous Restaurants & accommodations: Kimberley is a Skiing Resort where has several modern hotels accommodations to stay days and nights. Its some famous restaurants are Subway - Sandwich shop, Nina's Hillside Garden - Restaurant, A&W Canada - Hamburger restaurant, Mountain Grass Gallery & Bistro - Takeout restaurant, Our Place Restaurant - Brunch restaurant, Grist and Mash Brewery - Brewpub, Bread & Butter - Bakery and Cake Shop, Snowdrift Cafe The, Burrito Grill - Mexican restaurant, The Old Bauernhaus Restaurant, Kirkwood Inn, Willow Vistas - Holiday apartment, Sullivan Stone - 3-star hotel, Northstar Mountain Village Resort, Trickle Creek Lodge, Simply - Holiday home etc.