Japan Holiday to Kiyomizu Dera Tour Destination

Posted by: Admin; Date: 28-Nov-2020

About Kiyomizu Dera Destination: Kiyomizu-dera is a popular Buddhist temple which is located in Kyoto city of the Japan country. Temple is also is listed as UNESCO World Heritage site along with Historic Monuments of Ancient Kyoto. Kiyomizu-dera temple was built in 778 which is also a popular pilgrimage place to Japanese people.

How to Reach Kiyomizu Dera: It is located in Kyoto city of the Japan country. Its nearest bullet trains is Osaka which is just 53 KM far and Its nearest international airport is Kansai which is just 96 KM far. It is well connected also via road transport with other major cities.

By Air Transport: Its nearest major airport is Kansai International Airport which is just 96 KM far from Kiyomizu Dera. People can get here flights to foreign countries and major domestic cities.

By Train Transport: Its nearest bullet train station is Osaka city where people can get Shinkansen (Bullet train) to other main cities of the Japan country. Osaka train station is just 53 KM distance from Kiyomizu-dera.

By Road Transport: Road transport network is very well in Japan country which has modern transport system. Kiyomizu Dera is just 3.5 KM distance from Kyoto city, Osaka is just 55 KM distance, Okayama is exact 212 KM far, Hiroshima is just 360 KM distance, Nagoya is exact 130 KM far, Tokyo is just 458 KM distance and Sendai is just 821 KM far.

Things to Do in Kiyomizu Dera: People can do many activities near of the Kiyomizu Dera like prayer on temple, watch Japanese people social & cultural activities, boating & fishing on Biwa Lake and Katsura River, buy memorable Japanese gifts etc.

Tourists attractions in Kiyomizu Dera: travelers can visit many famous places near of the Kiyomizu Dera which some are the following.

Famous places: Monument of Aterui and More, Thousand Stone Buddha, Kiyomizu Sannenzaka Museum, Maiko-Henshin Studio Shiki - Photography studio, Sanneizaka (Sannenzaka) - Business park, Nineizaka, Ishibe-koji Alley, Ryozen museum, Otowa Waterfall, Kyoto Shiei Shimizuyama Cemetery,Mausoleum of Emperor Rokujo etc.

Temples: Jojuin Temple, Jishu-Jinja Shrine, Okage Myojin - Shinto shrine, Zenkojido Temple, Koyasu Pagoda, Taisanji Temple, Jomyo-in Temple, Hokkeji Temple, Seikanji Temple, Otani Hombyo, Kiyomizu-dera Temple Entsu-den Hall, Jishu-Jinja Shrine etc. Japan holiday trip is a well idea to enjoy tour to Kiyomizu Dera of the Japan country.

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