Japan Holiday to Visit Nagoya Tour Destination

Posted by: Admin Date: 22-Aug-2020

About Nagoya City: Nagoya is a beautiful coastal city of the Japan which is also a large populated city of the country. It is exact 350 KM far from Tokyo capital city. Here has lots of museums and historical places to visit.

How to Reach Nagoya: It is well connected with via air, water, road and train transport with other cities of the Japan country.

By Air Transport: City also has Chubu Centrair International Airport where tourists can get flights to other major cities of the world and domestic cities. Lots of people use air transport in Japan country which is also full developed country.

By Train Transport: Nagoya is also has bullet train (Shinkansen) station to come from Tokyo or Osaka. Nagoya is well connected with other cities via train transport.

By Road Transport: Nagoya coast city is just 350.7 KM distance from Tokyo capital city, Fukuoka is just 762.5 KM far, Hiroshima is exact 482.1 KM far, Osaka is exact 173.0 KM distance, Niigata is exact 475 KM distance and Sapporo is just 1404 KM far.

Things to Do in the Nagoya: Here has many options to enjoy recreation and adventure which some are Watch Museums, Cruise ship trip on Ise Bay and Mikawa Bay, Boating, fishing in Bay, shopping in local city markets, enjoy Japanese cultural festival celebrations.

Tourists attractions in the Nagoya: there are many famous places in Nagoya to visit which includes some are the following.

Museums & Other Places: Nagoya Castle, Cultural Path Futaba Museum, Nabana no Sato - Plant nursery, SCMAGLEV & Railway Park - Rail museum, The Tokugawa Art Museum, Yamazaki Mazak Museum - Art museum, Toyota Commemorative Museum of Industry and Technology, Nagoya TV Tower, Taiko natural hot spring Toukichirou, Nagoya City Science Museum, Water Treatment Science Museum, The history museum of water, Tamesaburo Memorial Museum, Kuwayama Museum, Port of Nagoya Public Aquarium, Nagoya Port Sea Train Land etc.

Parks & Golf Course: Higashiyama Zoo and Botanical Gardens, Meijo Park, Shirotori Garden, Nagashima Spa Land - Amusement park, Wood Friends Forest Park golf course, Shonaigawa Golf Club, Honjin Golf Club, Horikoshi Golf Club, Meijo Park, Noritake Garden, Nakamura Park, Aichi Country Club, Gokuraku Jamboree Golf Club, Tenpaku Golf Center, Tenpaku Park, ARACO River Park Garden Plaza, Nagoya Racecourse etc.

Cinemas & theaters: Century Cinema - Movie theater, Aichi Arts Center - Performing arts theater, TOHO Cinemas Nagoya Bay City - Movie theater, Nakagawa culture small theater - Performing arts theater etc. Japan Trip Travel is a well idea to enjoy holiday in Nagoya city of the Japan country.

Europe Trip Travel is a good plan to visit Berlin capital city of the Germany country. Berlin city is located in north eastern of the country which is just 104 KM distance from Poland country border. Berlin is the largest populated and cultural hub of the country which also the economy hub of the nation.

There are my tourists places to visit in Berlin city which includes some are Brandenburg Gate - Historical place, Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church, Dahlemer Wiese - Nature preserve, Pergamonmuseum - History museum, The Wall Museum - History museum, Berliner Unterwelten, Charlottenburg Palace, East Side Gallery, DDR Museum, Madame Tussauds Berlin - Wax museum, Museum fur Naturkunde, Spandau Citadel, Berlin Wall Memorial etc.