Nerima City Japan Holiday Destination

Posted by: Admin; Date: 16-May-2022

About Nerima City destination: Nerima is a suburb of the Greater Tokyo city which is situated on bank of the River Arakawa in Japan country. Nerima is a good destination to explore Tokyo city local people social, economy, education and modern life style. Nerima city has several modern age entertainment places such as amusement parks, water parks, cinema theaters, modern stylish parks and many more. Nerima city has several modern parks and other destination to spend spar times. Tokyo is a coastal city of the Japan country which is also the capital city of the Japan country.

Nerima city is nice connected to Japanese places via, road transport, train transport, air transport and water transport. Nerima city is just 18.1 KM distance from Tokyo city centre, Sendai coastal city is just 359.5 KM distance, Niigata coastal city is just 310.6 KM far, Nagoya coastal city is just 355.7 KM distance, Osaka coastal city is just 505.5 KM distance, Fukuoka coastal city is just 1095.8 KM distance.

Japan is a famous country of the Asia region which is placed in eastern of the Earth. Japan country major cities are Tokyo capital city and Osaka commercial city. Japan country all major cities are as coastal cities where people can get water transport to foreign countries along with domestic places. Japan country has around Sea water and does not connect any other countries land border similar as Australia country. Japan country other neighbour countries are North Korea country, South Korea country, Russia country, China country. Japan country is all over world famous destination to its advanced technology in daily life style. Japan tour travel and Europe tour travel .

How can come to Nerima City: the city is well jointed to other Japanese places via water transport, air transport, road transport and train transport. Nerima city is also good connected to other overseas countries via air transport and water transport. other foreign countries passengers can access to Japan only via air transport and water transport.

Hinode Pier: Hinode Pier is the busiest international seaport where people can get water transport services to other Japanese places and international countries. Tokyo is a coastal city where people can get easily water transport.

Haneda Airport: Haneda is the international airport which is situated in greater Tokyo city where people can get air transport to all over world and country's domestic places.

Tokyo Station - Travel Terminals: Tokyo city has several railway station while Tokyo Station is a busy train station where people can get trains to other Japanese places via railway transport.

Nerima City tourists attractions: there are several destination to visit in Nerima city such as Chihiro Art Museum Tokyo, Nerima Art Museum, Makino Memorial Garden & Museum, Toei Animation Museum, Karasawa Museum - Heritage museum, Gakki Museum, Nerima City Oizumi-kotsu Park, Tokyo Metropolitan Shakujii Park, Nerima Kuritsu Takeshita Park, Nerima Kuritsu Sekimachikita Park, Tokyo Metropolitan Hikarigaoka Park etc.

Nerima City famous Restaurants & accommodations: there are lots of modern hotels accommodations in Nerima city to stay days and nights. Nerima city some famous restaurants are Sushiro Hikarigaoka - Conveyor belt sushi restaurant, Momotaro Sushi - Sushi restaurant, Azuma Sushi - Sushi restaurant, Taro Sushi - Sushi restaurant, Gatten Sushi Nerima Doshida Branch - Conveyor belt sushi restaurant, Tama Sushi - Sushi restaurant, Sushi Kappo Sushikatsu - Sushi restaurant etc.