Suita Historical City Japan Holiday Destination

Posted by: Admin; Date: 12-Dec-2022

About Suita City destination: Suita is a modern suburb of the Osaka port city in Japan country. Suita city is located on bank of the Yogo River which is also make city more Eco friendly. Suita suburb city is just 10 KM distance from Osaka port city. Suita city is a good destination to explore Japanese local people and social activities.

Distance from Suita City: Suita city is well connected to other Japan domestic destinations via air, water, road and train transport. Suita city is just 9.2 KM distance from Osaka port city, Kobe coastal city is just 35.2 KM distance, Kyoto historical city is just 49.0 KM far, Nara historical city is just 39.8 KM far, Himeji coastal city is just 96.6 KM far, Okayama port city is just 178.1 KM distance and Nagoya port city is just 171.9 KM distance.

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How can come to Suita City: Suita is a modern and suburb city of the Osaka port city in Japan country. Suita city is good connected to other Japanese native destinations via air, train, water and road transport. Suita suburb city is good connected to other foreign countries via air and water transport. Osaka port city has international airport and seaport.

Air Transport: Osaka International (Itami) Airport is a nearest international airport where passengers can get Japanese domestic flights along with other overseas countries flights. Osaka International Airport is just 9.8 KM distance from Suita suburb city.

Water Transport: Osaka port city has international seaport where passengers can get water transport services to other countries and Japanese domestic places also. Osaka port city main international seaport name is Osaka Port International Ferry Terminal.

Train Transport: Osaka port city also has a busy railway junction where passengers can get train transport services to other countries. Osaka port city main train station name is Shin-Osaka Station - Travel Terminals.

Suita City tourists attractions: Suita city has several popular places to visit which some are Senri Chuo Park, Expo ’70 Commemorative Park - Memorial park, Expo'70 Commemorative Park South Area Children's Playground, Momonoki Park, Asahi Beer Museum, Osaka Gakuin University, Kansai University Senriyama Campus, Natural and Cultural Gardens, Senri Kita Park, NIFREL - Aquarium, GENKIONSEN BANPAKU OYUBA- Spa, Open Air Museum of Old Japanese Farm Houses - Open air museum, Minoh West Park, Satsukiyama Park - Hinomaru Observation Deck, CUPNOODLES MUSEUM, Ikeda City Museum of History and Folklore - Local history museum etc. etc.

Suita City famous Restaurants & accommodations: Suita modern city has several famous hotels accommodations to stay safe and secure. Suita city some main restaurants are Mango Tree Cafe EXPO CITY - Thai restaurant, Eggs ’n Things - Hawaiian restaurant, Yoshinoya - Gyudon restaurant, Sky Restaurant, RanRan - Dessert shop, Yakiniku King - Yakiniku restaurant, Teppanyaki & French Restaurant "BONAGE" - Teppanyaki restaurant etc.