Caesar Cocktail, Canada

About Caesar Cocktail: Caesar Cocktail is one of the typical drink which contains Vodka along with a Caesar Mix which is a blend of tomato juice along with clam broth. The other name for Caesar Cocktail is hot sauce along with Worcestershire Sauce and is served with ice in a large glass. The celery has salt-trimmed glass which is typically garnished with the stalk of celery along with wedge of lime. The Bloody Mary is also included with clam broth with the Michelda making it a flavouring ingredients with beer instead of Vodka. Although, invented in Calgary, Alberta in 1969 during the opening of New Italian restaurant in the city and with the restaurateur Walter Chell who is known for the original cocktail made many other numerous variants.

The original cocktail with the Vodka along with seasoned tomato and clam juice making the eventful evening a success at Polonaise nightclub in Manhattan during November 1953. Smirnoff Smiler is the name given by the owner Paul Pawlowski. The Caesar got invented in 1969 by one of the restaurant manager Walter Chell of the Calagry Inn who devised the cocktail in the form of a signature drink for Calagry Inn’s new Italian Restaurant. Chell is the person behind the drink and it is said that to make this drink inspiration come from Italy and according to the Chell granddaughter’s due to his ancestral belongings from Calagry the cocktail was known as Caesar.

Popularity of Calagry’s most popular drink- Clamato

One of the very popular drinks which got immensely hit within the restaurant’s patrons and within five years of introduction the Caesar become Calagry’s most popular drink. With the Western Canada which also got popular till the East has also developed another version by the name of Clamato. The mixture of the clam and tomato juices makes the half of all Clamato sales made in Western Canada. The Caesar is one of the typically available at the bars along with Canada-United States border where the bartenders have named it Bloody Mary. The Motts Clamato is synonymous with cocktail and the alternative offer can be with the Caesar mixes which is a popular hangover cure.

How to make Caesar Cocktail:

The recipe of the Classic Caesar drink:

It can be classified into the course as a drink and the cuisine stands to be Canadian with preparation time of 5 minutes and is served to 1 person.

Follow these steps to create the classic Caesar drink:


. 1.5 Oz Vodka

. 2 dashes of hot sauce

. 3 Dashes of salt and pepper

. 4 dashes of Worcestershire sauce

. 5 Oz Clamato juice

. Celery salt on plate

. 1 Lime


Create a celery salt rim on the glass by running the lime around and the turn the glass upside down to dip the celery salt.

Then, add all the ingredients to the glass with ice after which garnishing is done with celery stalk.

If the need to kick-up the notch just throw a tablespoon of horseradish which is not the classic recipe but it makes a delicious drink or cocktail.