Calgary Stampede Tour, Canada

About Calgary Stampede:- The Calgary Stampede is one of the annual rodeo and exhibition which gives the ten day event a new meaning and called as “The Greatest Outdoor show on the earth”. The Stampede which is verbally called is held every year in July at Calgary, Alberta, Canada. It is one of the world’s largest rodeos which is a parade along with midway, stage shows, agricultural competitions and concerts. It is said that the event is traced back to 1886 when Calgary Stampede got inducted into the ProRodeo Hall Of Fame. The Calgary and District agricultural society had held its first fair along with the promoter Guy Weadick who organized the first Rodeo and festival in the year 1912 which is also known as the Stampede.

History Calgary Stampede:- In the Weadick’s festival it became an annual event in 1923 with merging of Calgary Industrial Exhibition and create the Calgary Exhibition and Stampede which saw thousands of volunteers and supporting the civic leaders with one of the Canada’s racing events which saw significant tourist attraction for the city. The Rodeo and Chuckwagon racing events get televised across Canada but it becomes the target of increasing international criticism by animal welfare groups and politicians who are concerned about particular events with animal rights organizations who seek to ban Rodeo in general as much of the animals are used in Calgary stampede in different parades and racing along with exhibitions.

Calgary Stampede Celebration:- The Calagry festival has got much of its importance in national and international identity which gets tied to the event and has got the nickname of “Cowtown” which is also known as the “Stampede City” and “The Stampeders” is the name given to local Canadian Football League Team which takes on the total party atmosphere during Stampede with office buildings and storefronts that is painted in cowboy themes with residents who don western wear and different kinds of dresses where the event is held across the city and it includes hundreds of pancake, breakfasts along with barbecues.

The events which are held in The Calgary Stampede are as follows:

Parade:- The Parade serves official openings of Stampede and it begins at 9 a.m. with every year featuring different parade marshal and it also reflects the public’s interest at that time. The politicians, athletes along with actors and other dignitaries which served as marshals.

Rodeo:- The Rodeo is one of the heart of Calgary stampede and is one of the largest event in the world. The Cowboys consider performing in front of over 20,000 fans and become the highlight of the Rodeo season.

Rangeland Derby:- The Weadick is credited with inventing the sport of Chuckwagon which races in 1923 and is inspired either by seeing a similar event in 1922 at Gleichen Stampede. The revenue is generated by auctions which record $4 Million for 2012 stampede.

The Exhibition, Midway and Market makes it one of the most visited of the Outdoor show and with lots of exhibitions along with the Stampede park it makes the festive spirit along with creating economic impact on tourism.

Location:- Calgary City, Canada