Canada Day Celebration Tour, Canada

About Canada Day:- Canada Day Celebration is held on every year July 1 and is a statutory holiday with a large percentage of the population which gets the day off. The retailers, Government along with offices, schools and libraries along with services gets hut down. Employees at most of the workplaces do not get to work but get the payment for the day. The celebrations which consists of fireworks along with parades are held and the major cities outside of Quebec along with Ottawa and Toronto with Vancouver, Ontario are the prominent places where the festivities such as concerts, games and celebrations takes place.

Canada Day History:- Ottawa in general or particular along with nation’s capital puts the reality big show on every July 1 and in the year 2010, Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip with the Duke of Edinburgh attended the celebrations. In 2011, Prince William and his bride with Kate Middleton made the way to Ottawa for Canada’s 144th birthday party. In 2017, Canada turned up in it’s best to celebrate the 150th Anniversary and with the marking of the anniversary of formation of union of The British North America provinces in the federation under the name of Canada.

Canada Day Celebration:- The Niagara Falls City observes Canada Day Celebration as a tradition with the beautiful city for over 30 years and it brings the entire community together for the residents along with enjoying the special bond of living in one of the greatest countries in the world with celebration the freedom, diversity and value which is of self-independence. With Canada day also an anniversary of the nation celebrated since July 1, 1867 the three separate colonies of the Province of Canada which is the Province of Canada, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia with celebration together make it one of the day to remember.

The public events are mostly outdoor and the main celebration is at national capital Ottawa, Ontario along with large concerts and the cultural displays which is held on the Parliament hill. The Governor General and the Prime Minister who typically officiate the Canada Day Celebration and the federal Government funds with the events at Old Port of Montreal with National Holiday parade with grassroots effort to showcase the country ability through various cultural activities such as air and maritime shows, free musical concerts, festivals, carnivals and barbecues. The celebration of Canada day with Jennifer Welsh along with a Professor of International relations at University of Oxford, state once that “Canada Day, like the country is endlessly decentralized. There doesn’t seem to be a central recipe for how to celebrate it-chalk it up to the nature of federation.”

Many of the Canada expatriates who took the celebration to their country where they live such as HongKong, London-England along with Mexico do celebrate at the Embassies and further also at public place. The celebration is done on enormous scale and many revelers wear red and white in honour of Canada’s national colors thus wearing the flag color to show patriotic fervor.

Canada Day Festival Date and Day:-

2025 Festival Date: Tuesday, 1 July

2024 Festival Date: Monday, 1 July

2023 Festival Date: Saturday, 1 July

2022 Festival Date: Friday, 1 July

2021 Festival Date: Thursday, 1 July

2021 Festival Date: Wednesday, 1 July

2019 Festival Date: Monday, 1 July

Type : Cultural

Frequency: Annual