Canada Day National Holiday, Canada

Canada Day National Holiday, Canada

About Canada Day: Canada is a country with many official holidays and July 1 is one such day which is eagerly waited by the people of Canada. The July 1, 1867 was the day when Canada also known as the Confederation of Canada with four original provinces got created from the British colonies of Nova Scotia the New Brunswick along with the provinces of Quebec and Ontario. The Canada’s boundaries have got extended since 1867 and it has added 10 provinces along with three territories. Dominion Day is celebrated as the more frequently and more of the events which gets organized throughout the day.

The Canada day National Holiday is celebrated by the general population who take a daily off and all the business establishments along with the schools and institutions are closed.With many towns and cities the municipal Governments organize many range of the activities which includes pancake breakfasts along with parades, concerts, carnivals and firework displays with citizenship ceremonies for all the Canadian citizens. The patriotic fervour is found to be all over the country along with faces of the people who paint their faces with red and white which is the flag of Canada and with the Maple leaf attached to it.

Canada Day Celebration: The celebrations in the capital city Ottawa is exuberant and people consider it a good day to start any new venture and even lease their home on the same day which is the 1st of July to the coming year i.e. exactly for one year. Many people in the Quebec Province spend moving their possessions from one home to another as after every year the lease of the home gets over. The Canada Day is also known as Memorial day as to commemorates the heavy loss of life in the first day of the battle of Somme during World War 1 and it is honored in the province of Newfoundland and Labrador.

The Flags are flown at Half Mast and memorial services are held at cenotaphs which is the other name for war memorial with the Newfoundland along with all other provincial Government observe the day as Memory day. As stated above most of the provincial governments offices along with business establishments are closed while the book stores, gas stations and pharmacies are open and with the Canadian summer holiday falling in the same month most of the schools are closed.

The official celebrations is of the troops adding colors through different hues and with the lawn at Parliament hill get filled by people in the afternoon before the sunset the ceremony gets followed by a mass band concert with fireworks on display. After 1968 the multicultural and professional concerts get organized with federal government sponsoring the development of local celebrations all across Canada. Most of the provinces give the statutory holiday to its employee and the people if the Canada Day National Holiday falls on weekend thus the coming day is given as an extra holiday or else in Government establishments people take it as a statutory one in lieu of the holiday falling on weekends.

Canada Day Festival Date and Day:-

2025 Festival Date: Tuesday, 1 July

2024 Festival Date: Monday, 1 July

2023 Festival Date: Saturday, 1 July

2022 Festival Date: Friday, 1 July

2021 Festival Date: Thursday, 1 July

2020 Festival Date: Wednesday, 1 July

2019 Festival Date: Monday, 1 July

Type : Cultural

Frequency: Annual