Christmas Festival Tour, Canada

About Christmas :- Christmas is a festival which falls in Winter and Canada is a nation where winter is the only season which brings all the hues of life along with the charm or the flavour of the season. To top it up the Christmas Festival Canada always comes up with the lighting of the homes and streets along with vivacious parades and festal celebrations. The diverse cheer of this festive season with comprehensive multitude of options in terms of locations brings out the true spirit of the Canadians and they rise in all beauty and splendor to give the weather and the festival all beautiful celebratory experience.

The different city of the country comes up with various kinds of festive celebrations which makes it an entire month to remember:

Toronto:- Santa Claus Parade: The Santa Claus Parade at Toronto with around half a million people moving in the form of Santa Claus makes a different kind of atmosphere and throughout the month of December one could see different kinds of parade along with lighting of massive Christmas tree in front of the City Hall at Nathan Philips Square.

Ottawa:- Christmas Carol: The Christmas Carol begins with illumination ceremony in early December with the capital city which drowns the parliament buildings in dynamic lighting. To top it up the Christmas carol by various choir groups help to enlighten the mood and with the ceremonious celebration make it feel with beauty and gaiety.

Niagara Falls:- Fireworks & Musicals: The majestic Niagara falls makes the city’s annual Winter Festival of lights which strings around more than 3 Million lights all over the city. The weekly fireworks over the fall of duration of the festival which also includes the largest Canadian/ American illuminated flag along with awe-inspiring fireworks.

Quebec City:- Snow all over: The Quebec city with snow all over with impressive light show and children enjoying various sculptures makes the place including the capital with no disappointment in the striking and historic architecture in Canada. The fluffy snow all around makes it a kind of enjoyment and it gives the most striking and historic architecture in Canada to come alive with a Christmas to become memorable forever.

Saskatoon:- Fancy candies & toy stores: There is no better place to be a kid than the Saskatoon which is known for it’s highest number of candies and toy stores per capita as compared to anywhere in the world. Combining it with the good probability of having snow during the 25th Of December gives a magical Christmas right there and further the Christmas is the best of the season to celebrate.

If one talks about the Christmas traditions then the influence is very similar to United States along with the culture bought by immigrants from United Kingdom and other European countries. The culinary experts serve the traditional dinner desserts along with roasted turkey and stuffed potatoes with other winter vegetables. The Canada is a cold and dark country in winter with lights often put up in public places all over the residential and commercial buildings with a national program which is called Christmas Lights across Canada which illuminates Ottawa the national capital with 13 provincial and territorial capitals making it a festival to remember for ever year.

Christmas Festival Canada Date and Day:-

2025 Festival Date: Thursday, 25 December

2024 Festival Date: Wednesday, 25 December

2023 Festival Date: Monday, 25 December

2022 Festival Date: Sunday, 25 December

2021 Festival Date: Saturday, 25 December

2021 Festival Date: Friday, 25 December

2019 Festival Date: Wednesday, 25 December

Type : Cultural

Frequency: Annual