Christmas Day National Holiday, Canada

Christmas Day National Holiday, Canada

About Christmas Festival: Christmas which is celebrated world over to mark the birth of Jesus Christ, is also one of the main festivals of Canada. The country which see the winter in all its hues during the December of 25th which is the Universal date for Christmas Celebration as the birth of Jesus Christ, the saviour took place the country put all its multicultural ethnicity to celebrate the festival. The celebrations are widespread throughout Montreal and Canada along with every province including the capital Ottawa and Quebec as well. It could be said that the Christmas as a national holiday can be found to be also a taking time off on the afternoon of the 24th which is the Christmas Eve till the Boxing day, which is a day after Christmas day.

The Christmas is also synonymous with shopping and people exchange gifts and decorate the Christmas tree with most of the store stays open until 5 or 6 p.m. with people leaving for the day off in the mid of noon on the 24th of December. The Christmas in Canadian cities are known all over the world and with Toronto being the coldest in this season still people find it to be the city bursting with lights and festivity. The country which is all fun and frolic in the atmosphere and with significant population from all parts of the world find the Christmas to be one of the festival to rejoice and get into the holiday activities into Toronto.

The Holiday events which are a popular attractions are the parade of Santa Claus Parade in November which also is found to continue in December. The city like Vancouver and Toronto which faces the spectators from all over the world just cannot make less merry for the people and thus help the indulgence of people at a large scale. The country with the longest standing Children’s parade at Toronto’s Santa Claus Parade event gives the people a thought which is about the St. Nick who marched across from one town to another country covering large distances which also takes place during the holiday season.

Christmas Festival Celebration: Although, the light shows, festivals and parades along with festive activities go together throughout the season at Vancouver the Rogers Santa Claus Parade with some deep snowfall could be found to be some of the excitement added to a large extent of the story associated with Santa Claus and the reindeer with the sledge. Also, the children find it amusing to see the Christmas lights spread all over the historic buildings and Cobblestone roads making it part of one of the many events. It is also a known fact that the cities of Canada which are known to stage celebrations are the main highlights of the ongoing festivities.

At the same time if one talks about the weather with popular Southern Ontario along with Quebec destinations and the other cities such as Toronto and Montreal is much harsher and the sudden snowfall at times maybe dramatic so the precautions should be taken in the form of warm clothing and thin raincoat or umbrella should be carried for the milder and wetter seasonal rains which occurs at places so that there should be no interruption in fun.

Christmas Festival Canada Date and Day:-

2025 Festival Date: Thursday, 25 December

2024 Festival Date: Wednesday, 25 December

2023 Festival Date: Monday, 25 December

2022 Festival Date: Sunday, 25 December

2021 Festival Date: Saturday, 25 December

2020 Festival Date: Friday, 25 December

2019 Festival Date: Wednesday, 25 December

Type : Cultural

Frequency: Annual