Civic Day National Holiday, Canada

About Civic Day: Canada with much of the national holidays as compared to other countries finds the Civic day as national holiday which is celebrated on either the 1st Monday of the Month of August or August 2. The day is officially a day off for schools with most businesses also getting closed. The civic or provincial day is considered as normal working day and with the first Monday in August along with some places throughout first week the events are held. Although, the celebrations are of low key affaire but with the local culture, history and the achievements which is organized by the community members it helps in making and distributing the birthday cakes for the province along with the sports events.

The community meals along with breakfasts, barbecues, suppers and lunches with the larger events which include the professional displays of fireworks along with road races and the cultural festivals gives the festival a legal status. Celebrating of the civic or the provincial day with all the schools, post offices and many businesses and all organizations getting closed the workers who have a day off find it a day of enjoyment and with large scale preparations going on from many weeks it brings the people to check with local authorities about the availability of transport on various routes as there maybe local disruption on certain routes in terms of traffic within towns and cities.

Civic Day Celebration: If one talks about the Civic day celebrations since it is after a weekend and falls on first Monday of August then people plan in advance to enjoy for outing or different fun filled activities. Since, Canada is a country of lakes and woods people go to nearby forests for camping and also different water based activities are enjoyed in safe water such as kayaking or rowing. In Ontario, a range of local names are used where often significant people are honored who have made some contribution towards the history of province. The provinces of Quebec and Yukon celebrates the local history and culture along with commemorating the discovery of gold in the province during 1896 which is another major reason to celebrate.

The common events organized to celebrate is to make people understand about the local culture, history and achievement with carrying low-key atmosphere without much pomp and show. The community members distribute birthday cakes for province along with sports and events with communal meals such as breakfasts and barbecues which extends to lunch and suppers. The larger events includes a great display of fireworks, road races along with cultural festivals making it one of the well known festivals in the cities and the country which is Canada thus making it memorable for everyone including children, adults and senior citizens. The public life comes to a halt as much of the offices are closed but in some of the provinces it is considered as a normal working day. It is a statutory holiday with local transport having lesser frequency of travel and thus people move in their own vehicle to enjoy the outing making it a day to remember.

Civic Day Festival Date and Day:-

2025 Festival Date: Monday, 4 August

2024 Festival Date: Monday, 5 August

2023 Festival Date: Monday, 7 August

2022 Festival Date: Monday, 1 August

2021 Festival Date: Monday, 2 August

2020 Festival Date: Monday, 3 August

2019 Festival Date: Monday, 5 August

Type : Cultural

Frequency: Annual