Coors Light Snowbombing Tour, Canada

Coors Light Snowbombing Tour, Canada

Snowbombing Canada is a popular Ski Festival which is held annually at the region of local Kamloops and is held at four day snow sports music festival. The event is in vogue since many years from now and held with much of the style in which the people participate in large numbers. The local Kamloops Airport has very much of festive snowbombing signage and representatives from festival at Coors light gave VIP patrons which helps them to get a warm welcome helps the first taste of weekend to come. The coordinating of shuttles at Sun Peaks Resort board the bus for the hour-long drive and into the mountains.

The boarding of shuttle which is done from Kamloops along with enjoying the winners of Coors light’s snowbombing weekend getaway are full of friendly energy and the jokes are cracked along with excitement prevails to enjoy the Sun peaks which extends to the resort and is further called “Litty City”. Once the fans of Coors Light Snowbombing Canada check into the room they are given a warm welcome by the festival staff and gifting a Snowbombing toque is quite a custom for the woman so that she may feel great about it. The festival staff take the person further to the Coors Light Basecamp and it is just few steps away from chairlift.

The temperature is near-freezing and is performed in front of the crowd which is donned with sporty snowboarding attire along with vibrant vintage ski suits which helps to enjoy the beer blanket along with the beats which is in the air as the music or the beats are from foot tapping numbers. The Coors light basecamp stage got designed to pre-game party spot along with DJ’s who perform 20 feet above in the air along with acts like Felix Cartal, Will Sparks, Matoma and with the role of conductors to watch the crowd move in tandem to the best of the rhythm.

The Coors Light Snowbombing Canada remains in the back of the mind and with fans playing with adult-sized beer pong along with swapping out of the solo cups with the ping pong balls for the volleyballs. The garbage cans which are of 32-gallon and hitting it with white volleyballs gives the fun-loving attitude of the snow athletes who are energetic throughout the festivals and as the evening fell revelers get together to enjoy late-night music. The weekend see much of enjoyment and the fiesta favorites like Troyboi, Party Favor along with Black Tiger Sex Machine gives the people a great way to enjoy and the crowd certainly becomes the rowdiest with fans thumping, twerking and trashing to every beat which is laid down.

The snow sports and music festival leaves the revelers into a very high spirit and various games such as inflatable bubble soccer along with snowbombings auxiliary programming helps the fans to enjoy the pinnacle through Coors Light Snow-bombing Canada and thus make the music festival a success.