Downsview Park Merchant Market, Canada

Downsview Park Merchant Market, Canada

Downsview Park Merchant Market is a sprawling 200,000 square feet of space which makes it a house for more than 500 vendors selling all kinds of goods whether expensive or inexpensive along with the food items. The Toronto’s best food court could be found here which is a chain-free zone and it is packed with all kinds of foods from different countries and cultures. The food could be found here is of Afghani, Mexican, Vietnamese, Dominican, Caribbean along with Lebanese, Salvadoran and Chinese cooks who try to give the restaurant business a great and authentic taste making it available for the people of their own origin or of different country as well.

The sprawling market which is launched much with fanfare and is open on weekends with people flocking all over to find great food as the food is deeply delicious and whether it is the soursop along with pineapples, strawberries along with sugarcane juice and condensed milk at the juicy hut makes the drinks revolve around with fresh-pressed sugar cane juice which could be seen at Vietnam by the street vendors selling at every corner. The Market got launched May 5, 2005 and with former military storage depot in Downsview Park Merchant Market has some where triple-sized spaces and with mammoth parking facility it makes easy in and out for the people. Japan Vacation & Europe Vacation

If the connectivity is to be known the Downsview Park Merchant Market has is well connected with Highways and two roadways make it a major controlled access Highways which are a part of the province’s 400-series highways network. The major thoroughfare in the neighbourhood includes the Keele Street along with major North-South roadway which runs through Downsview. The public transportation in Downsview is provided by Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) which operates several bus routes through neighbourhood and the Wilson station is known as the main subway transit for the bus. The another stop is on Line 1 by the name of Sheppard West Station which is just adjacent to the eastern side of Allen road.

Talking about the vendors who carry on with selling coffee(espresso even), hot dogs, french fries along with grilled corn and kebabs(weather and season permitting) makes it one of the best food outlet and people love to enjoy their outings at this place as the main attraction is food making the place overcrowded and also the single ownership outlets where the guys cook or bake are also popular such as Pita House Bakery along with chocolate and poppyseed danishes.

Now, again talking about the food chains found here the way people think for the fast food is through McBain where Salmon, beef, veggie burgers, chicken and with interesting toppings and buns make the food a great way to complete the appetite and with Chef who are known to be culinary expert they totally think about presenting the food with personal hygiene along with many years of experience could be seen as many of the outlets have been carrying the family generations. The food and beverage industry has been turning into flagship stores but at the same time food vendors also do a great business as people sometimes opt for street food as well.

Location:- North York, Canada

Distances from Downsview Park Merchants Market:-

Toronto City : 11.1 Mile (17.9 KM)

Ottawa City : 279.1 Mile (449.3 KM)

Montreal City : 336.4 Mile (541.4 KM)

Vancouver City : 2609.7 Mile (4200.0 KM)

Calgary City : 2008.3 Mile (3232.2 KM)

Edmonton City : 2045.4 Mile (3291.9 KM)