Dr Flea's Shopping Market, Canada

Dr. Flea’s Market is one of the second hand market with all the old goods being sold at prices which are affordable but at times one could get some great piece of furniture along with many other variables from Asian markets which are almost new. The only thing which needs to be understood is that one has to separate goods from the junk and find the better one as there are some stores which offer guarantee on the products. The Dr. Flea’s Market which is known to be a crowded one with interesting set of products and sometimes the goods which are sold at knock off prices making the cheap wares to fly off the shelf by the people who love to buy antics pieces.

The Canada which is a country with multicultural affinity and with Middle-East, South-east Asia along with Caribbean makes it with community which is multilingual and also with interesting mix of people who are basically settlers as they come in looking for various kinds of jobs and settle down with enjoying the Canada as a place which brings people with open arms. Now, thinking about the products which could be bought here are clothes, music systems and CD’s along with sugar cane juice, knick-knack and also meat of different kinds as various meat shops could be found here with appropriate pricing. Also, with the phone getting popular and mobiles getting as a way of life much of the accessories of phones could be found here and the electronic items too could be purchased at better price.

The traditional market still carries many of the agricultural products which gives much of the reprieve to the local population who stays nearby and with a way to buy all kinds of fruits and vegetables which are ripe and delicious it also helps the farmers to enjoy the hard-work they have put into producing the food particles. Also, if one looks for the food products which are almost sold at less value than the chain store price one could get many products at prices which are almost half the market price. The venue could be seen dirty and teeming with people to many who could be still seen milling around as nobody leaves the chance of buying stuff which could save some money for them.

The flea market transport is very old and it can be said a type of street market which divides a fixed-style market with a sell of various sustainable consumption such as used goods, antiques, collectibles and vintage clothing which makes the street vending a popular way to enjoy the competitive marketing where the vendors sell accordingly with much of the enthusiasm involved and making the goods sell in terms of jumble sales. The market concept is very much popular in other cities like Paris, New Delhi and many other commonwealth countries including England and New York which makes people understand the fly market concept which got developed since many years back in various earlier civilization as well who started the barter system.

Location:- Etobicoke City, Canada

Open Year:- 1968

Parking:- Available

Distances from Dr. Flea's Market:-

Toronto City : 19.6 Mile (31.6 KM)

Ottawa City : 290.6 Mile (467.7 KM)

Montreal City : 347.8 Mile (559.8 KM)

Vancouver City : 2605.4 Mile (4193.0 KM)

Calgary City : 2003.8 Mile (3224.9 KM)

Edmonton City : 2040.9 Mile (3284.6 KM)