Easter Sunday National Holiday, Canada

Easter Sunday National Holiday, Canada

About Easter Festival: Easter Sunday is the first Sunday after Good Friday and it celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ after he was crucified which happened on the Good Friday. The Easter Sunday is a national holiday celebrated in many countries including Canada. Although it is not a public holiday and most of the businesses follow regular Sunday opening hours in Canada. It is considered as a religious holiday and family gatherings takes place as people visit each other houses along with attending church for the mass and to sing carols. The big family meal gets organized and Easter Egg hunt is organized where the most decorated egg is found out to make it look more worthwhile and various Easter crafts contests gets organized.

Easter Festival Celebration: The family members try various recipes and mustard-crusted lamb along with the Easter basket cake is decorated with people thronging for celebrations. The Easter eggs are either made of Chocolate or candy along with decorated hen eggs which are put into basket and gifted to the family members considering it to be a tradition of the common gift during Easter. The biggest Egg is the representation of Ukrainian Easter Egg located in Vegreville, Alberta. It was constructed in 1974 to mark the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and also celebrate the Vegreville’s strong link with the Ukraine.More than 2000 Aluminium triangles are fixed together with 7000 bolts and 177 internal struts use to fix it together making it a kind of memorial. It is said that the egg is more than 25 feet and decorated with silver, gold and bronze which are the colors of medal which signifies eggs connected with sporting activities. The main event is held every Friday with every Easter Sunday, which attracts thousands of party goers every year in Montreal, Canada. Many of the businesses along with Government offices and banks along with the liquor stores are closed on the Easter Sunday so people get to do their shopping much before in advance as the entire weekend with the Good Friday also is celebrated on the Friday. In this way, one could think that many of the people organizes spring festival which is associated with the Pagan Gods in ancient times.

The Easter candles are lit in Churches on the eve of Easter Sunday and many people organize spring festivals which is associated with Pagan Gods who are termed as the Sun God as it is said that The Father of Christ was The Sun. The festival is celebrated in terms of nature;s birth and with the return to land and fertility with the birth of many young animals the idea of modern day Easter eggs got derived. The Crucifixion of the Christ is remembered on Good Friday and the resurrection on Easter Sunday.

Thus, one could understand that not only Easter signifies the resurrection of Christianity but in today;s context it is all about bringing the people in a family together for feasting and enjoyment thus bonding among themselves when people have less time for each other.

Easter Festival Date and Day:-

2025 Festival Date: Sunday, 20 April

2024 Festival Date: Sunday, 31 March

2023 Festival Date: Sunday, 9 April

2022 Festival Date: Sunday, 17 April

2021 Festival Date: Sunday, 4 April

2020 Festival Date: Sunday, 12 April

2019 Festival Date: Sunday, 21 April

Type : Cultural

Frequency: Annual