Edmonton Folk Festival Edmonton Tour, Canada

Edmonton Folk Festival Edmonton Tour, Canada

About Edmonton Folk Festival:- The Edmonton Folk Festival is one of the annual four-day outdoor music event which is held at the second weekend of August at Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. The festival has people participating from all over the world as in the form of performers and spectators and the producer at present is Terry Wickham. There are six active stages which hosts workshops and concerts during the daytime hours of the festival. The other advantage is the food vendors who bring out cuisine from all over the world and are number in dozens who cater food to carnival fare in the form of vegetarian and world cuisine.

Edmonton Folk Festival History:- The various craftspeople at the tent village sell various crafts along with the performer’s CD’s being sold in tent with also beer getting served at large and busy beer garden which makes it one of the most celebrated single event in Western Canada. The Edmonton Folk Music Festival relies heavily on the volunteers which further helps to keep the tickets down and they do everything from picking garbage to work as stage hands. It is said that approximately 2300 people participate in the form of Volunteers every year and it is held at the Gallagher Park which is at the Southern slope of the North Saskatchewan River Valley.

Edmonton Folk Festival Celebration:- The festival has been extremely successful and the main-stage audience has a natural amphitheatre with great sightlines with the backdrop of downtown Edmonton for the stage. The fifth evening of the music got added for the past two years and with revenue from the concert being generated is further dedicated to the festival’s endowment fund. Since, past more than 21 years the festival has been sold out and for the weekend it generates 12,000 passes and 1,000 single day ticket is evenly divided between the in-person and online sales in few moment thus making it most saleable along with the concert being jam packed with great atmosphere all around. The Edmonton Folk Music Festival has hosted musicians from six continents which includes acts from Cuba, Mexico, Brazil, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Mongolia, Kenya, China, Tuva and India. The performers put their show in various genres and come from Canada, United Kingdom and United States with most of the years the genres are defined as Celtic, Bluegrass, Blues, Roots, Worldbeat along with Gospel. If one has to understand the kind of performers who have put the concert a name in the music world then some of the famous bands are The Blind Boys of Alabama along with Great Big Sea. The artists who collaborate to the festival are Norah Jones, Steve Earle along with Van Morrison and many others.

This year the four day festival will begin on Thursday, August 8 and the full list of performers has been released with few of them as Digging Roots along with Trampled by Turtles and St. Paul & The Broken Bones along with Hozier taking the main stage with also Brandi Carlile and Jason Isbell who will be the main attraction.

Location:- Edmonton City, Canada