Fairmount Park Farmers Market, Canada

Fairmount Park Farmers Market, Canada

The Fairmount Park Farmers Market is one of the association of fruit sellers and vendors which can be considered a large public market and is located at 1010 S.Pearl Expressway. It is also known as Farmers District of Downtown Dallas, Texas (USA). The Dallas Farmers Market has three kinds of sellers which are:

1. Produce dealers

2. Wholesale dealers

3. Local farmers

The activities which is categorized here are broadly divided into these many which helps the farmers to get into the dealers and buyers of the agricultural products and is known as the following activities:

. Monthly yard sales

. Cooking Classes

. Workshops

. Seasonal festivities

. Floral and garden vendors

The early December 2013, saw the Dallas City council Economic Development Committee to come up with talks of developing the Fairmount Park Farmers Market and with the mixed use development by mixed-use residential and retail development of the area has made it what is to be seen today as an actual farmer’s market with retail space and about 300 residential units which also has retail and food pavilion. The Fairmount Park Farmer’s market or the New Toronto’s Farmer Market gives the wonderful sense of community identity which encourages volunteerism along with despite it’s small size has unique vendors.

The market also has free live music along with an mbira player named Moyo Mutamba who regales with African Folk stories from 3:30 P.M. to 4:30 Every week.Some of the vendors to lookout at the Fairmount Park Farmer’s market makes it one of the richest in terms of food vendors and some of them are as follows:

Abokichi Rice Cafe: The quaint white tent which doesn’t often look like it has much to offer but it also gives the handmade classic Japanese Onigiri with self titled rice baller Jess Mantell. Also, the special magic seaweed which seems to move fast from the shelves is the crunchy chilli oil and the spicy sesame oil is loaded with flavour which gets sold out immediately.

Blackbird Baking co: The locals flock to the stall quickly to devour the Simon Blackwell’s Stock of fresh daily breads. The Blackbird Baking Co. creates the bread and baguettes which also shares space which is provided by Master Chocolatiers Soma. The mix of all kinds of organic flours whether hard white, rye, red fife along with very own local sourdough starter gives savoury results which gets cleaned out of everything so people get there early to collect their pieces of food materials.

Backyard Urban Farm company: The Backyard Urban farm Company which builds, install along with design and consultation with very own sustainable vegetable garden and is managed by vegetable landscapers Arlene Hazzan Green along with Husband Marc Green makes the farm company a success.

Coffeecology: The take away coffee shop with some fair trade coffee with the spot at the fairmount park is one of the best if a person needs the caffeine fix.

So, one can find not only the vegetable vendors but an electable mix of food and vendors at the Fairmount Park Farmer’s Market making it a much visited place by people from all region.

Location:- Toronto City (Greenwood Park), Canada

Parking:- Available

Distances from Fairmount Park Farmers Market:-

Downtown Toronto : 5.0 Mile (8.1 KM)

Ottawa City : 277.1 Mile (446.1 KM)

Montreal City : 334.4 Mile (538.2 KM)

Vancouver City : 2617.4 Mile (4212.4 KM)

Calgary City : 2015.9 Mile (3244.3 KM)

Edmonton City : 2053.0 Mile (3304.0 KM)