Halloween Day National Holiday, Canada

Halloween Day Festival, Canada

About Halloween Festival: Halloween National Holiday is celebrated on 31st October and it is to be an old Celtic belief that the spirits and the dead make a cross over into the living world although they come to see the world of those who are alive. The people hold parties and wear the dresses resembling skeletons along with the pumpkins which are put on the head to enjoy the Halloween parties.The party extends to children and it may be the trick-or-treat with the neighbourhood where the people mark the single night in the year in all hues and colors. The businesses have normal opening hours and the Halloween is not considered as a public holiday. The animal which is a part of the Halloween celebration is the black cat.

With decoration being part of this festival people put a lot of effort into decorating the homes, drives and the yards and it may even giving a look of the home with entire spooky images and low-lighting with skeletons dangling at the nooks and corners and all according to the imagination. The construction of the replica graveyards or the dungeons along with inviting people from the neighbourhood to view their home in the best of the designs lead to a themed party. The fancy dress parties for the adults or the children gets organized with most of the time fellow guests jump into the bandwagon and also many games are played to enjoy the evening.

Halloween Festival Celebration: Canada is a country which has done immense contribution towards “Unicef” and with that the Canadian tradition of “Trick or treat for Unicef” with Pumpkin carving contests along with a reading marathon and symbolic walks for water, the pumpkin art tour are organized for the children to collect resources for Children Emergency fund to help other countries in the region of Asia and Africa. The schools and the organizations are all open and with Halloween parties going on the transport system ply at regular hours. People drive around the neighbourhood in late afternoon or the evening and those who wear dark costumes needs to take care as at night the traffic conditions become severe due to people going all out with booze and music.

The Halloween has the origin from the Celtic origins and during the Pre-Christian times the people believe that spirits of the ghosts of dead walk during the night of October 31. To make the ghosts confuse people started dressing up as Ghosts but the benevolent spirits are also among the same and thus people offer food and other offerings to appease them. The festival was bought to Canada in the mid-to-late 1800’s by the Irish and Scottish immigrants who disguise on Halloween to ward off the evil spirits and with that the tradition is alive till date in many Western Countries.

With every festival getting associated with commercialization the Halloween is estimated to be a $1 Billion industry and is one of the most commercially successful festival as compared to the industry standards making it stand behind Christmas.

Halloween Festival Canada Date and Day:-

2025 Festival Date: Friday, 31 October

2024 Festival Date: Thursday, 31 October

2023 Festival Date: Tuesday, 31 October

2022 Festival Date: Monday, 31 October

2021 Festival Date: Sunday, 31 October

2020 Festival Date: Saturday, 31 October

2019 Festival Date: Thursday, 31 October

Type : Cultural

Frequency: Annual