Kensington Shopping Market, Canada

Kensington Shopping Market, Canada

Kensington Market is one of the distinctive multicultural neighbourhood which gives the word legend a new meaning as it is considered to be one of the old market in the multicultural neighbourhood at Downtown, Toronto. The market with all kinds of shops, cafes and all other attractions with neighbourhood and features many Victorian homes with the Kensington Community School and the Toronto Western Hospital makes it one of the well known and lively places where people spend many hours which also makes the city more special. It is a much visited place as people try to visit here again for any of their needs and with a historic site of Canada designated in 2005, the neighbourhood makes a special place in the heart of many.

The precise location of the Kensington Market is at the West of the Downton region along with the area which is bordered by the Bathurst Street, College Street, Dundas Street along with Spadina Avenue making it one of the few places which gets easy access by Public transit. The Denison Estate was first developed in 1815 by George Taylor Design and it was divided into plots in 1880’s with people from Ireland, Britain and Scotland who immigrated and settled down building houses on property. The Kensington Market is located to the West as it comprises of the neighbourhood mostly from the people of the Western countries still it does not belong to any particular gentry as earlier it was called the Jewish market but certainly it changed to a Universal neighbourhood and has developed from the small supermarket to the well known place in Toronto.The Kensington Market which saw a quick array of snack eateries to spring up along with takeout or sit-down meal which shows its multicultural vibe as the restaurants are owned by various communities and the food and drinks are delicious. Also, the food is of Mexican, Italian, Salvadorian along with Portuguese making the food to help serve your appetite which never leaves a person to think twice about the kind of food he is looking for as the choices are galore and mind-boggling.

The people who are aware about the environment and support the good cause has made it a compulsory car free zone on Sundays during the month of May to October making it a pedestrian Sundays. The area has food product of all kinds from meats fish and various other produce with several bakeries which also see the stores selling spice and dry goods along with cheese.The past two decades have seen flourishing of several bookstores with radio run by the community space Global Aware Independent India making it one of the popular places as people love to know about the many happening events over the radio and performance spaces like Bread & Circus (2009-2011) along with Double Double land ( 2009-2018) along with Videofag ( 2012-2016) have helped to make a distinctive culture of it’s own to the cultural market making it a much visited place and has become an essence of life in Toronto.

Location:- Toronto City, Canada

Open Year:- 1930

Distances from Kensington Market:-

Toronto City : 1.6 Mile (2.7 KM)

Ottawa City : 280.4 Mile (451.3 KM)

Montreal City : 337.6 Mile (543.4 KM)

Vancouver City : 2613.6 Mile (4206.3 KM)

Calgary City : 2012.1 Mile (3238.2 KM)

Edmonton City : 2049.2 Mile (3297.9 KM)