L Anse aux Meadows Tour, Canada

About L'Anse aux Meadows, Canada:- L'Anse aux Meadows is an archaeological site in Newfoundland Island which history contain approximately 1000 Years old when European Human stepped here. Now it is listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site from 1978.

How can Reach:- L'Anse aux Meadows is located in Newfoundland Island of the Canada country which nearest major town is "Hay Cove". Route 430 is main road in Great Northern Peninsula which connected to "Trans Canada Highway" after 415 KM distance.

Tourists can get "L'Anse aux Meadows" by ferry services between Sydney (Nova Scotia) and Port Aux Basques Chamber (Newfoundland) which distance is 203 KM.

"Saint Anthony Airport" is the nearest major airport which is just 43.6 Mile (70.3 KM ) distance from Hay Cove town.

Nearest Major Airport:- "Saint Anthony Airport" provides domestic flights services which is just 70.3 KM distance from Hay Cove. Tourists can get flights here to St. John's, Blanc-Sablon, Wabush, Goose Bay cities only.

Ferry Services:- Between Sydney (Nova Scotia) and Port Aux Basques Chamber (Newfoundland Island) ferry services are available to get . The both ports distance is 203 KM.

Bus Services:- Buses are available from "Saint Anthony Airport" (70.3 KM) to Hay Cove town.

Taxi Services:- Taxis are available from "Saint Anthony Airport" (70.3 KM) to Hay Cove town.

Established as National Historic Site:- 1968.

Location:- Newfoundland Island, Canada.

UNESCO World Heritage Site From:- 1978.

Tourist Attractions:- Meadows, Large Landscape, UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Things to Do:- Picnic area, Sagas and shadows, Viking encampment, Escape Room, Events (The Test of Tykir), Geocaching, Explore on Your Own.

Newfoundland Island Weather Temperature

Months Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Average Low (℃) -16.1 -16.2 -11.1 -4.9 -0.8 2.7 7.4 8.4 4.9 0.4 4.8 -11.3
Average High (℃) -7.5 -8.0 -3.7 1.1 6.4 11.6 16.5 16.8 12.7 6.5 1.0 -3.8

Nearest Accommodations:- Marilyn's Hospitality Home, Viking Nest Bed & Breakfast, Viking Village B&B, Jenny's Runestone House, Beachy Cove Cabins, Snorri Cabins, Viking RV Park Ltd, The Big Blow, Hillsview Bed & Breakfast, Valhalla Lodge Bed and Breakfast, South West Pond Cabins, Saint Brendan's Motel.

Distances from Hay Cove Town:-

Toronto City : 1744.3 Mile (2807.2 KM)

Montreal City : 1407.7 Mile (2265.6 KM)

Vancouver City : 4235.5 Mile (6816.5 KM)

Calgary City : 3600.6 Mile (5794.7 KM)

Ottawa City : 1527.2 Mile (2457.8 KM)

St. John's City : 662.6 Mile (1066.4 KM)