Labour Day National Holiday, Canada

Labour Day National Holiday, Canada

About Labour Day: Labour day which signifies the world working population who are the pillars of the society and uplift the world by their works and putting immense contribution in giving back their 100% to the society and the people were certainly thought about having their own day. To celebrate their hardworking and the strength along with their capabilities the Labour Day as National Holiday is declared in almost every country and it gives the people to feel proud about the work they have done for their countrymen and adding resources to the lifestyle of the coming generation. In this way, one could see the Canada Union as a country which has many people from Punjab as they are known to be hardworking and they put all the efforts to build Canada as a nation and what it is today is shown by the cities of the likes of Montreal, Toronto and many others.

So, giving a tribute and a salute to all those labour who put their immense effort to make the country grow the Canada celebrates the labour day on September 2. The holiday officially celebrates the workers along with the labour union movement and in many of the countries the labour union is so intensive that it has also formed their Government which shows their work ethics and their active status into politics. Now, talking about Canada the people celebrate the labour day with many social attractions coming out with straightforward holiday and the labour day which has all the stores getting closed including retail stores, banks and the libraries which could be seen closed throughout the country with only some restaurants and store may get opened in the name of essential services.

Labour Day Celebration: Canada has seen the introduction of labour day as national holiday very early as the social though was conceived tow centuries ago and it was established to pay homage to the workers union movement which took root in the country long back when the nation was developing. For the local people of Canada the day is just for enjoying the life with family and friends along with marking the end of summer and welcome the winter with barbecue style food which is enjoyed with grills and toast raised in the name of family members and their favorite leaders which makes them feel about the hard work which the yesteryear people have put to make their nation a better place and certainly they continue with the same fervour of uplifting themselves and their thought process.

The labour unions which use to put stress on the authorities do not suffice these days as in much of the countries the Government at various levels solve the issues and thus the labour unions as any has almost got non-existent because of their own interests among the people or their leaders and the way they create problem for their own people and others through corrupt ways due to which they have lost their significance.

Since, every country now depends upon mechanized ways of working and much of the labor force is not needed unnecessarily so the Labor day celebration is confined only to making merry and understand about the yesteryear life of those who have put their sweat and blood to make the nation which is centuries ago rather than the current generation which works through mind and manpower getting into one.

Labour Day Canada Date and Day:-

2025 Festival Date: Monday, 1 September

2024 Festival Date: Monday, 2 September

2023 Festival Date: Monday, 4 September

2022 Festival Date: Monday, 5 September

2021 Festival Date: Monday, 6 September

2020 Festival Date: Monday, 7 September

2019 Festival Date: Monday, 2 September

Type : Cultural

Frequency: Annual