Leslieville Flea Market, Canada

Leslieville Flea Markets with people, places and events at one place makes it popular and is also called the hallmark of the Toronto’s colorful landscape looking to be an event which is more than a place to be called a Flea market. The very first Leslieville Flea was organized by the year 2004 and it is said to be still etched in the memories and with forever or year after year people looking for the Flea market it makes the market a place to visit even after the occasional downpour. The Torrential downpours christened the event and with the uneven surface which has been created due to gullies of water asks for the constant attention.

The goods which are sold at Leslieville Flea Markets could be found in the form of vintage, handcrafted or limited edition items. The vendors who sell mass products or imported goods vendors are not accepted and managing of the markets along with choosing the vendors accordingly for each market is done by keeping all the applications on file where the vendors have to submit application and the Flea Markets booth is allotted to the vendor. The Flea Market also has the Fermenting Cellar and it has fermentation as the method to make the whisky or other alcoholic beverages. The production of whisky has restarted from 2003 and much of the Toronto Light Festival saw the supply of Whisky which was of the authentic taste.

The clothes which are of different ethnic and mostly Asian brands could be seen at the Leslieville Flea Markets which gives the undestanding between the standard shops selling the same product at higher price and Flea markets selling almost the same goods at a price which is easy to bear. If the surprising element is found to be found here then it is also various cutlery from mason jars, copper cups, silver teapots at thrift stores in Flea market is found to be a major purchase and sometimes great antiques pieces could be found thus making the Flea markets a success.

The antique pieces which adorn the gallery walls with standard items make your space stylish and it gives the grouping pictures, artwork and prints along with flattering 3D items to give your home a new style statement. The items can be of different shapes and sizes which give a different styles of frames with the eclectic look and the colour of frame gives a more modern look. The people sometimes get great bargains here and the wish to give the home a better standard gets fulfilled with the help of antiques which could be arranged from the Leslieville Flea markets.

Although, the venue of The Leslieville Flea Market gets changed so it is good to check it over the internet and find the exact address as for this year the market is getting held at sprawling lanes of Ashbridge Estate from June 9 and the other one got kick start by 15 June at Mill Street with best vintage, salvage and handcrafted goods to be sold here.

Location:- Toronto City (Woodward Ave), Canada

Parking:- Available

Distances from The Leslieville Farmers' Market:-

Downtown Toronto : 3.5 Mile (5.7 KM)

Ottawa City : 280.1 Mile (450.8 KM)

Montreal City : 337.3 Mile (542.9 KM)

Vancouver City : 2616.3 Mile (4210.6 KM)

Calgary City : 2014.7 Mile (3242.5 KM)

Edmonton City : 2051.8 Mile (3302.2 KM)