Lunenburg Nova Scotia Tour, Canada

About Lunenburg, Canada:- Lunenburg is a port city which is located in Nova Scotia province of the Canada country. It was established in 1753 by four persons 1. Dettlieb Christopher Jessen 2. Patrick Sutherland 3. Jean-Baptiste Moreau 4. John Creighton. This city old town is listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site.

How Can Reach:- Lunenburg port city is placed in Nova Scotia province of the Canada country. City is well connected by Lighthouse Route 3 and after Trans Canada highway to Toronto and Montreal.

"Halifax Stanfield International Airport" is the nearest major airport which is just 69.1 Mile (111.3 KM ) distance from Lunenburg.

Nearest Major Airport:- "Halifax Stanfield International Airport" provides domestic and international flights services which is just 111.3 KM distance from Lunenburg. Tourists can get flights here to other Canada cities like Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver & Ottawa etc.

Bus Services:- Buses are available from "Halifax Stanfield International Airport" (111.3 KM) to Lunenburg tour.

Taxi Services:- Taxis are available from "Halifax Stanfield International Airport" (111.3 KM) to Lunenburg tour.

Total Population (2016):- 2,263

Established as National Importance:- 1991.

UNESCO World Heritage Site From:- 1995.

Location:- Nova Scotia, Canada.

Tourist Attractions:- St. John's Anglican Church (Built in 1763), Memorial to fishermen, World War I memorial, Harbour, Fisheries Museum, Lunenburg House.

Things to Do:- emOcean - Spa, Pleasant Paddling - Sea kayak, Visit Museums (Fisheries Museum, Knaut-Rhuland House Museum), carriage ride, Boating, Fishing.

Lunenburg Weather Temperature

Months Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Average Low (℃) -10.4 -9.6 -5.7 -0.5 4.2 8.9 12.6 12.5 8.4 3.2 -0.7 -6.3
Average High (℃) -0.1 -1.1 4.7 10.5 16.8 22.1 25.4 25.2 20.9 14.5 8.5 3.0

Nearest Accommodations:- Lunenburg Arms Hotel, Mariner King Inn, Salt Shaker Deli & Inn, Smugglers Cove Inn, The Dockside, Rum Runner Inn, Brigantine Inn & Suites, Lennox Inn Bed & Breakfast, Alicion Bed & Breakfast, Ashlea House Bed & Breakfast, Atlantic Sojourn Bed & Breakfast, Topmast Motel, Captain's Bell Bed and Breakfast, Pelham House Bed and Breakfast, Water Sprite Bed & Breakfast, Greybeard's Bed & Breakfast, Cherry Tree Loft Apartment, Addington Arms Bed & Breakfast, Maplebird House Bed & Breakfast, Bluenose Lodge, Lunenburg Inn, Little Lake Family Campground.

Distances from Lunenburg city:-

Toronto City : 1116.7 Miles (1797.3 KM)

Montreal City : 780.3 Miles (1255.8 KM)

Vancouver City : 3718.7 Miles (5984.7 KM)

Calgary City : 2973.1Miles (4784.8 KM)

Ottawa City : 899.6 Miles (1447.9 KM)

Edmonton City : 3000.2 Miles (4828.4 KM)