Nanaimo Bars Food, Canada

About Nanaimo Bars:- The Nanaimo Bar is one of the famous dessert item in the Canadian region. It is a bar dessert which requires neither baking nor frying and is one of the healthiest options in terms of food. The food is named after city of Nanaima, British Columbia on Vancouver Island. It is better known as a food with three layers and the wafer along with coconut crumb base and the custard flavoured butter with icing in the middle and to make it better or taste great the layer of chocolate Ganache on top. The food item has lots of variations and can be made with different types of crumb and icing making it a food to be made as per to satisfy the taste-buds.

The Nanaimo bar is one of the recipe pulled out from the Edith Adams Prize cookbook from 1953. The copy of the book could be found at the Nanaimo museum and the other author Lenore Newman writes about the recipe published in Vancouver Sun which is under the name “London Fog Bar”. Now, talking about the recipe popularity it is voted as the “Canada’s favorite Confection” and although the recipes of similar desserts could be found at various places but the ultimate one is Nanaimo bar recipe with the experiment being done on such recipe at Masterchef Canada for making out the best Nanaimo bar.

How to make Nanaimo Bars:- The Nanaimo Bar can be made by the following ingredients:

For the Biscuit base:-

. 125 Gram Softened Butter.

. 50 Gram Caster Sugar

. 5 Tbsp Cocoa powder

. 1 Egg, beaten

. 200 gram digestive biscuits, blitzed to crumbs

. 100 gram Desiccated Coconut

. 50 Gram Chopped almonds (Optional)

For Custard Icing

. 100 gram softened butter

. 4 tbsp double cream

. 3 tbsp Custard powder

. 250 Gram icing sugar

For Chocolate Topping:

. 150 Gram dark chocolate

. 50 gram butter

Method to prepare Nanaimo Bars:

. First one has to make the biscuit base. The water is heated and butter is put in a bowl, then kept over the fire not directly but in simmering water. The sugar and cocoa powder is stirred occasionally until it gets smooth. Egg is whisked for 2 to 3 minutes until the mixture gets thickened and then remove from heat and mix the biscuit crumbs including coconuts and almonds. Press into the base of a lined 20 cm square tin with letting it cool or chill for 10 minutes.

. In the middle layer, custard icing can be whisked together with butter, cream and the custard powder. It makes the custard light and fluffy which is gradually added with icing sugar until it finally gets incorporated. It needs to be spread over the bottom layer and further chilled in the fridge for 10 minutes and pulled out once it is no longer soft.

. Further, chocolate and butter is melted and the butter-chocolate mix is spread over chilled bars and then put back in fridge. The chocolate gets finally settled and it takes about 2 hours. Further, the mixture gets sliced into squares and served.