New year National Holiday, Canada

About New Year: New year day is celebrated in every country but some of the countries become synonymous with their new year celebrations and are not only known in the country where it is celebrated but are known all over. The first day of the country which is celebrated as the New Year and is the official holiday for all the Canada Union. The New year day if falls on any day of the weekend then the coming week is allotted as a substitute public holiday. The New year is considered to be the important time by the Canadian people and also have the grand preparations which gets organize much into grander New Year celebrations events. If one see the prior day to the New year i.e. on occasion of New Year Eve there are small as well as big parties organized in Canada which is till early mornings of New Year Day. The parties are generally based on social theme and they gets extended to club, bars and discotheques which also gets organized through private parties at home. Most of the time the near and dear ones get invited to many of the parties with bursting music, great dishes along with drinking options which is all according to your taste. The singing in the form of choir music with people playing guitar and other instruments mark a grand welcome with the coming time of the New Year.

New Year Celebration: The urbanite who love to party and they have made the Canada Union one of the great party place as the swanky malls along with beautiful skyscrapers for rooftop as party along with glitzy roads where the party extends to limousines makes the visible part of Canada go more vocal. The city people go for great music, dance and boozing all the way together to enjoy the party and the party extends for long hours while the people living in rural areas celebrate in a traditional way. The long night parties help people to go for the vibrant drinking and dance becomes a part of the fun making sessions. If one think about the Canadian Province of Quebec then one can easily go out for the friends near a pond or the river for all the ice fishing which is a part of celebrating New Year. The fireworks which are a traditional way to celebrate during the Zero hour at night which is a tradition at almost every country capital and big cities is to be found at Montreal and Ottawa which is the capital city of Canada. The midnight brings the fireworks which makes people enthusiastic as they eagerly await and the people from distant places who come and enjoy the fireworks enjoy this extravagant celebration offers. The traditional celebration of the Canada bring good luck, peace and prosperity to everyone with few of the people going for the swim with Polar bear and also the belief is to sway away all the past evils and shower love and confer the good wishes to everyone with strengthening ties with each other being the motive.

New Year Festival Date and Day:-

2025 Festival Date: Wednesday, 1 January

2024 Festival Date: Monday, 1 January

2023 Festival Date: Sunday, 1 January

2022 Festival Date: Saturday, 1 January

2021 Festival Date: Friday, 1 January

2020 Festival Date: Wednesday, 1 January

2019 Festival Date: Tuesday, 1 January

Type : Cultural

Frequency: Annual