Osheaga Festival Montreal Tour, Canada

About Osheaga Festival:- Osheaga Festival Montreal is the Music and arts festival which is a multi-day indie music extravaganza held at Montreal, Quebec, Canada. The festival takes place at six stages through various audience capacities. It is translated from the French equivalents along with called as “River Stage” or the “Mountain Stage” or the “Zone Piknic Electronic” with many others name. Each of the performance is paired with a sponsor and the band-set times fluctuates the music which is also based on the status of performer within the festival. It emerges 30-minutes play sets for every artists and the headliners conclude with 90-minutes plus sets.

Osheaga Festival History:- The 2006 festival saw a crowd of around 25,000 people and from then onwards the attendance grew in numbers every year with 2012 seeing 40,000 attendance as crowd numbers. The Osheaga Music and Arts Festival has established a title given to the particular region of Canada which is Montreal and is Jaques Cartier first recorded it in written as he was part of the European settlers. The communication with the local people of St. Lawrence Iroquoian people with the name of the settlement called by the name Hochelaga. Most of the linguists have given the name to a Francisation of either Osekare which means beaver path or the beaver dam along with big rapids with reference to the nearby Lachine rapids.

Osheaga Festival Celebration:- The inaugural edition of Osheaga is termed as a music and arts festival which took place on Labour Day weekend with the Gillett Entertainment group being the title sponsor and Nick Farcas stood as concert buyer. The lack of similarity in music theme along with music venues along the East Coast with the Farkas who tried to take advantage of Montreal’s newfound credibility with among the Indie music listeners. Montreal in Quebec is a very loved city by the people and the Farkas attempted to establish a lineup of the underground artists who would appeal to both the discerning fans along with the broader public in view for the concert.

The fourth installation of the Music festival put the Coldplay and Beastie Boys as the two-day events with the leading performances and however the Beastie Boys were forced to withdraw after Adam Yauch who diagnosed the cancerous tumour in the salivary gland. The Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs band from Brooklyn took The fourth Osheaga festival, Montreal with its first edition made profits and the 450 refunds were granted towards the attendees who requested them and in the sixth annual Osheaga festival sold more than 81,000 tickets while by the year 2012 the festival’s recognition took the performance level to international level as Eminem performed and it signifies the turning point in the festivals development.

Year after year the festival saw people coming up to enjoy the music and new bands along with reputed ones took the centre-stage sometimes trying to give the best of the music and on the other hand helping the people to enjoy from the chart-busters which set them to groove in style and thus enjoy the music to the hilt.

Location:- Montreal City, Canada