Peameal Bacon Food, Canada

About Peameal Bacon: Peameal bacon Food is a type of bacon which is made from lean boneless Pork Iron which is trimmed very fine and is made wet so that it is rolled into cornmeal. It is not smoked and neither grilled but commercially known as cornmeal bacon. The Peameal Bacon food was originally developed at Toronto, Ontario with the help of ham and bacon curer William Davies who has come from England in 1854. The name “peameal bacon” gets derived from the historic practice of rolling cured and trimmed boneless loin which gets dried with the ground yellow peas with a shelf life can be said to be extended.

The “peameal bacon” sandwiches which consists of cooked peameal bacon on a kaiser roll with sometimes topped either with mustard or also any other toppings. It has got the name of signature dish of Toronto and is sold basically at St. Lawrence Market. Ontario is another city which has got the Peameal bacon and the southern part of the province of Ontario consider it as an all Canadian food. The Peameal bacon is one of the back bacone which gets cured in brine and sugar with the color from pink to pale red. The food which is either taken as breakfast or most of the time as bacon sandwich is made with the pig meat and is very lean with a thin layer with fat layer on both side.

The Canadian bacon is categorized into four styles of bacon which is named as back bacon, smoked back bacon, peameal bacon and the side bacon. The lean cut back bacon which Americans call as Canadian is the standard cut of Bacon in either Britain or Ireland. Whether, in America or Canada the predominant style of bacon is the side bacon which has streaks with high quality of fat in it but in British and Irish state it is called “streaky” bacon. The Peameal bacon is raw and it must be cooked and can be either bought sliced or roasted.

How to make Peameal Bacon:

Ingredients to cook:

. 1 tablespoon Oil

. 8 Slices of Peameal bacon

. 1/4 cup of Kraft Brown Sugar with BBQ Sauce

. 2 Red Peppers which is cut into strips

. 1/2 Cup of Silvered Spanish Onions

. 2 Tablespoon Miracle Whip Original Spread

. 1 Tablespoon Heinz Dijon Mustard

. 4 Whole wheat hamburger Buns which is toasted

Recipe Number 1:

A mile-high peameal bacon sandwich Canadian classic which is glazed with pan-fried peameal bacon teams up along with cooked red peppers. Also, the onion is added which makes it perfectly satisfying and is called peameal-in-a-bun sandwich. Now, with one of the easy to make recipe a person can enjoy the market food at home with the fresh peameal bacon sandwich experience exclusively at home.

Recipe Number 2:

With all the above mentioned ingredients all the need is to get 2 eggs and then poach the eggs. The omlette or poached eggs can be placed easily between the peameal Bacon sandwich Canadian Classic and then cook it with red peppers. Thus, the fresh peameal bacon Sandwich experience which is another one to prepare easily at home.