Poutine Food, Canada

About Poutine:- Poutine Food is one of the dish of Canadian Province which can be termed as healthy, delicious and sumptuous giving the long associated Quebec cuisine with many types of other original recipes coming out of it as per the food experiments. The Poutine food gives its own authentic taste and flavour to sandwiches and dumplings although during the initial days it was mocked but soon it turned out to become quintessential food and also called as “Canada’s National Dish.” The Poutine food with the dish originated in the Centre-du-Quebec and with much of experimentation the food also includes french fries and cheese curds at the different centre of food outlets as it is prepared according to the taste and preferences of people.

Poutine was made and sold at almost every roadside outlet and it was consumed in small greasy spoon diners at various pubs, restaurants along with roadside chip wagons. The country snack food in Quebec’s dairy region due to the freshness it has it can be compared with cheddar Cheese curds. The fast food outlets such as Ashton Snack Bar Food truck in Quebec city during 1969 along with Burger King Chain in 1983 and Mcdonald’s, Harvey’s in 1990 and 1992 respectively made the Poutine food popular among the people who love fast food at restaurants.

How to make Poutine:- It can be treated as a food material which could be served anytime whether you feel buying it from the food outlet or prepare on your own. One can make Poutine at home and it can be made through pretty good recipes out of which one could be found mentioned here:

Indulging into Real Poutine:

. 1 Quart Vegetable Oil for Frying

. 1( 10.25 Ounce) Can beef gravy

. 5 Medium Potatoes cut into fries

. 2 Cup Cheese Curds

Directions to Cook:

. Heat the oil in a deep fryer with deep heavy skilled to 365 degrees F ( 185 Degrees Centigrade). Once the oil gets heated you can warm the gravy.

. Placing the fries into the hot oil should be done in a careful manner and cook them until it gets light brown at-least for 5 minutes. Making the fries one after another is necessary as the entire fries cannot be made at once. The extra oil should be removed with a paper towel and it gets lined in the plate.

. Once the oil gets soaked the fries are kept on a serving platter with sprinkling the cheese over them. One can put the gravy over the fries and cheese after the Poutine could be served immediately.

. This recipe could be served to your kid anytime and also it can be given in the lunchbox. The different variations could be found with the cut up cooked chicken or hamburger.

. One can use the shredded Mozarella Cheese in place of Cheese curds.

. Italian Poutine: Substituting Mariana for the gravy can be a better option.

. BBQ Poutine: You can also Substitute a light BBQ sauce for the gravy.