Quebec Winter Carnival Tour, Canada

About Quebec Winter Carnival:- Quebec Winter Carnival is a Pre-Lenten Festival which is held in Quebec city and is held intermittently since 1894 and after which the Carnaval de Quebec has been celebrated annually since 1955. The Carnaval De Quebec in 2006 made the largest Winter Festival in the World which has been overtaken by the Harbin Festival. The festival which is known to attract people from all sectors of life who love the ways of tourism and find the most appropriate time to visit a city could find the parades and outdoor events or concerts which gets scheduled on three weekends and is known as the World’s Biggest Winter Carnival.

Quebec Winter Carnival Celebration:- The 17 days are dedicated to the Quebec Winter Festival and it gives the families to get an opportunity for exploring the historic Old Quebec which makes it to feel like going for a mini-trip to Europe. The five-minute walk from the fairgrounds with pretty route past the Ice Palace makes the family feel a bonhomie with the crowd and also Bonhomme is the official mascot for the carnival with effigy worn by all Carnival visitors. The one life-size Bonhomme figure is placed at different places and also at fairgrounds and other venues making the families also embrace him for the photo-ops.

The recent years has seen the Carnival’s first night to feature with opening ceremonies which is followed by outdoor concerts and fireworks with best of the experiences for the English-speaking visitors who roam freely and see the best of the Ice Palace at the historic Old Quebec. The Fairgrounds and Ferris Wheel at the historic Plains of Abraham which is just a short walk from streets of Old Quebec has become a popular attractions which also includes bouncy houses. The snow rafting on the slopes has been a perennial favorite at Quebec Winter Carnival with visitors paying a small charge for the few other premium rides.

The snow and ice-sculptures is a way to enjoy the atmosphere and with visitors having several opportunities to see the sculptures along with huge blocks of snow awaiting at the arrival for International Snow Sculpture Event makes the carnival much interesting with snow artists at work making real beautiful sculptures out of snow. The sleigh ride is also a way to enjoy short ride through the snow and with the liquid maple sugar shack which is almost every family favorite a dollop of sugar is poured into snow and it immediately hardens into a treat with the children enjoying the most out of it.

The Carnival Grounds which is just opposite the impressive Parliament Building of Quebec gives the spectators a better view of the parliament of Quebec and with the same could be seen in the form of replica sometimes at Snow festival. The delicious sort of donut which is flat and shaped like a beaver tail makes it a favorite among the children and it is also a well-known place to enjoy a meal or also a hot chocolate where the food and drinks is served with several options which includes a BBQ shack along with places to eat indoors thus helping the foodies to get most out of Quebec Winter Festival.

Location:- Quebec City, Canada