Reaching Canada by Flight

Reaching Canada by Flight

Reaching Canada by flight is the most convenient ways as it is well connected to the various parts of the world with ease of operations. The country has very advanced system in-spite of the weather differences as most of the time many parts of this nation faces extreme weather conditions, snowfall and blizzard which makes the country one of the high levels of security and safety norms to be followed while landing and take-off from the airports. The airports and aerodromes along with waterdromes could be found at every metropolitan area which is cities, towns and countryside along with helipads at every place which helps in easy way to enjoy the flight connectivity.

Toronto Pearson is the international airport located at Canada and with the distance of 22.5 Kilometers with the northwest of Downtown Toronto along with majority of airport situated in city of Mississauga it gives small portion of airfield which extends into Toronto’s Western district of Etobicoke. Pearson Airport is the primary hub for Air Canada and it also serves as the hub for Westjet along with base of operations for the Air Transat and Sunwing Airlines. The Pearson Airport could be called the primary hub for Air Canada. The Airport serves also to cargo liners and Westjet along with cargo airline FedEx Express with Transport Canada’s National Airports System makes it easy for United States Border preclearance.

The list of Air Canada destinations is a bigger one as the Air Canada is the flagship carrier of the country and it covers almost every continents and countries of the world except a few. The Air Canada has the World’s 10th largest passenger airline by the fleet size along with the airline which is known to be a founding member of the Star Alliance. The world’s some of the best Airports could be easily reached by the help of Air Canada and the services are governed by Air Canada Rouge, Air Canada Express and regional partner with other charter services.

The NAV Canada which is a privately run corporation which does not run for profits puts its all emphasis on owning and operating the Canada’s Civil Air Navigation System which got established in accordance with Civil Air Navigation Services Commercialization Act(ANS Act). The Nav Canada manages 12 million aircraft movements which has a year for 40,000 customers and is over 18 million square kilometers. The company operates with the help of 1900 Air traffic Controllers( ATC’s) along with 650 flight service specialists( FSS’s) and 700 technologists and does not take any government funding with Headquarters in Ottawa, Ontario.

If one wants to know the major airlines of Canada they are listed as follows:

Adlair Aviation- Charter Service

Adler Aviation-Charters, cargo, Flight Training

Air Canada Express-Regional Airlines

Air Canada Jetz- Executive Charters

Air Canada Rouge-Leisure Airlines

Air Creebec- Regional Charters

Air Canada- Largest Airline in Canada and International Airline

Canadian Helicopters- Carters, Flight Training

Thus, one could understand that the Canada is one of the country with highest economic growth people here own some good aircraft fleets for private and personal use along with Helicopters being the part of most take-offs in different cities and countryside making it an enjoyable and well connected life.

Canadian the Most Busiest International Airports:-

Airport Name:- Toronto Pearson International Airport
Airport Address:- 6301 Silver Dart Dr, Mississauga, ON L5P 1B2, Canada
Airport Location:- Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

Airport Name:- Vancouver International Airport
Airport Address:- 3211 Grant McConachie Way, Richmond, BC V7B 0A4, Canada
Airport Location:- Richmond, British Columbia

Airport Name:- Montreal–Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport
Airport Address:- Quebec City, QC, Canada
Airport Location:- Montreal, Quebec

Airport Name:- Calgary International Airport
Airport Address:- 2000 Airport Rd NE, Calgary, AB T2E 6W5, Canada
Airport Location:- Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Airport Name:- Edmonton International Airport
Airport Address:- 1000 Airport Rd, Edmonton International Airport, AB T9E 0V3, Canada
Airport Location:- Edmonton, Alberta

Airport Name:- Ottawa Macdonald–Cartier International Airport
Airport Address:- 1000 Airport Parkway Private, Ottawa, ON K1V 9B4, Canada
Airport Location:- National Capital Region, Canada

Airport Name:- Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International Airport
Airport Address:- 2000 Wellington Ave, Winnipeg, MB R3H 1C2, Canada
Airport Location:- Winnipeg, Manitoba

Airport Name:- Halifax Stanfield International Airport
Airport Address:- 1 Bell Blvd, Enfield, NS B2T 1K2, Canada
Airport Location:- Goffs, Nova Scotia

Airport Name:- Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport
Airport Address:- 2 Eireann Quay, Toronto, ON M5V 1A1, Canada
Airport Location:- Toronto Islands

Airport Name:- Kelowna International Airport
Airport Address:- 5533 Airport Way, Kelowna, BC V1V 1S1, Canada
Airport Location:- Kelowna, British Columbia