Reaching Canada by Ship

Reaching Canada by Ship

The Canada is one of the country with huge water resources and it has lakes, rivers and sea which surrounds the country making it one of the country with good navigational resources. The reaching Canada by Ship makes it easy for the people from Europe and Mediterranean to North America. The port and transshipment at places like Montreal with St. Lawrence River in Montreal along with Quebec helps people to enjoy the people on Cruise ships. The other place which has prominent resources related to Canada port is the Toronto Harbour or the Toronto Bay making it easy to enjoy the natural harbour presence in the country.

The harbour is used primarily for recreational boating along with personal vessels and with many of the Old Port Corporation with developing tourism and recreational activities makes the Port of Montreal one of the best in the history as well as in today’s context. Now, thinking about the facilities at Port of Montreal whether the Old Port to the Old Port Corporation makes it a gem of a kind in terms of shipping services. The Port of Montreal where the Bickerdike Terminal which is located upstream from the Old Port makes it one of the easiest way to reach Canada by Ship.

The other recreational waterway services could be the Canada Place which can be reached by Sky-Train and the building which is situated in Burrad Inlet makes it one of the best waterfront of Vancouver, British Columbia.The home of the Vancouver’s World Trade Centre with the virtual flight ride over Flyover Canada makes it a prominent landmark of the city with Waterfront Station Terminus and draws comparison with Sydney Opera House in Sydney along with Australia and Denver International Airport in Denver, Colorado. With the main waterways of Canada with the likes of Mackenzie River, Yukon River, Saint Lawrence River and many others including Nelson River.

The Canada shipping is not about having the public fleet but it is also about the large fleet of Commercial vehicles which operates from the various cargo and container services. If one thinks about the cargo and Ship port Interface then it makes us understand how safely cargo is carried with the help of container vessels. Also, the accessibility of ferry for the person with disabilities makes it easy for the people who are disabled to board and on-board the vehicles. The marine personnel standards along with Pilotage makes it easy in terms of regulations and standards with policies which includes training, examinations and certifications which one has to go through before applying for the operation of fleet which makes us understand the safety standards managed by Canada Shipping corporations.

The Port State Control with vessel inspection program ensures all kinds of compliance and regulations for the movement along with managing the traffic of vessels, cruise ships and also the various other small and large ships which are a daily visitor to the port and not to forget the trawlers which are use to hunt fish are also a part of the marine industry which is well managed in Canada.

Canadian the Most Busiest International Harbours:-

Harbour Name:- Port of Saint John
Harbour Address:- 111 Water St., Saint John, NB, E2L 0B1, Canada
Opened Year:- 1645

Harbour Name:- Sydney Harbour (Nova Scotia)
Harbour Address:- North Sydney, NS B2A 1C3, Canada
Opened Year:- 2011

Harbour Name:- Charlottetown Harbour
Harbour Address:- Charlottetown, PE C1A 0C4, Canada
Opened Year:- 2007

Harbour Name:- Port Hawkesbury
Harbour Address:- 606 Reeves St., Port Hawkesbury, NS.,B9A 2R7, Canada
Opened Year:- 1850

Harbour Name:- Saint John Harbour
Harbour Address:- Saint John City, New Brunswick, Canada.
Opened Year:- 1894

Harbour Name:- Port of Quebec
Harbour Address:- 150 Dalhousie Street, P.O. Box 80, Station Haute-Ville,Quebec, G1R 4M8, Canada
Opened Year:- 1863

Harbour Name:- Port of Montreal
Harbour Address:- 3400 Notre-Dame St. East, Montreal, QC, H1W 2J2, Canada
Opened Year:- 1830

Harbour Name:- Toronto Harbour
Harbour Address:- 475 Unwin Ave, Toronto, ON M4M 3M2, Canada
Opened Year:- 1801

Harbour Name:- Halifax Harbour
Harbour Address:- P.O. Box 336, Halifax, Nova Scotia, B3J 2P6, Canada
Opened Year:- 1867

Harbour Name:- Victoria Harbour (British Columbia)
Harbour Address:- 100-1019 Wharf Street, Victoria, BC V8W 2Y9, Canada
Opened Year:- 1790

Harbour Name:- Port of Vancouver
Harbour Address:- 999 Canada Pl, Vancouver, BC V6C 3T4, Canada
Opened Year:- 1964