Remembrance Day National Holiday, Canada

Remembrance Day National Holiday, Canada

About Remembrance Day: Canada is a country which constitutes of three territories and six of the ten provinces. The country remembers its martyrs who has fought in different world wars and with the Armistice Day act it helps the veterans of the wars to get into helping the Remembrance day as national holiday. The First and Second World Wars along with the Korean wars and with the Canadian Armed Forces who stood during the conflict and peace stood together. The remembrance day is also one of the official national ceremonies which is held at the National War Memorial in Ottawa which has seen the people getting at the place to keep poppies.

The other significant way to remember the Remembrance day New Year is to gather at the Tomb of the unknown soldier and thus giving them the value equal to martyrs along with flowers which are laid on tomb while the national anthem is played with full fervour. The moment of the remembrance starts with the bugling of “Last Post” which immediately is played before 11:00 a.m. and the gun salutes fire with ringing of the bells at the peace tower. The flypast by the “Royal Canadian Air-force” occurs before the start of a 21-Gun salute along with choir sings “ In Flanders Fields”.

Remembrance Day Celebration: In Canada the remembrance day is a public holiday with the status of a federal statutory holiday with all the three territories and six of the ten provinces. The Armistice day which is the other name for the “Remembrance day” from 1921 to 1930, where it was held on Monday of the week and the 11 November which is known for the thanksgiving day falling in the same week. The Remembrance Day during 1931 with an act was adapted and subsequently 11 November was adapted as a remembrance day. The Federal Statutory Holidays which is also celebrated in different countries with much fanfare could be one of the best ways to remember the martyrs.

Canada, which is known for the various peacekeeping missions and international military engagements could be found to be with the war dead by decorating them all along and with the Second World War with the Korean War and the War in Afghanistan shows the capability of their soldiers who fought well to save the pride of their country. Also, if one thinks about the military engagements with more than 1.6 million Canadians serving its Armed Forces it shows how much the countrymen representation is in the army. More than the 118,000 military personal who have died serving the country in foreign conflicts could not get more than a better treatment rather than remembering them on various days which are dedicated to the martyrs.

The symbol of “Remembrance Day” is red poppy which is placed on the Martyr’s grave and memorials since the Napoleonic Wars in the 19th Century is said to be having a connection with death and renewal thus giving significance to “Remembrance Day Celebration”.

Remembrance Day Festival Canada Date and Day:-

2025 Festival Date: Tuesday, 11 November

2024 Festival Date: Monday, 11 November

2023 Festival Date: Saturday, 11 November

2022 Festival Date: Friday, 11 November

2021 Festival Date: Thursday, 11 November

2020 Festival Date: Wednesday, 11 November

2019 Festival Date: Monday, 11 November

Type : Cultural

Frequency: Annual