Sea Transport in Canada

Sea Transport in Canada

Sea Transport in Canada is one of the most modernized infrastructure with the heightened emphasis on safety, security and efficiency with the development of environment regulations which support the international standards along with marine transportation in Canada. The sea transport plays a very critical role in trade with growth and the economic prosperity to give back the country some of the biggest turnover in freight carriage. The Canada’s marine industry comprises of domestic marine service along with international shipping services which are found at major Canadian ports. The domestic sector can be viewed under four geographical licenses which are as under:

Pacific West Coast Region

The Great lakes/ St. Lawrence

The Atlantic Region

The Northern Region

The Pacific West Coast region boasts a large and diverse fleet of vessels with barging and towing of cargoes with inland waterways and for eg. Fraser River with Burrard Inlet and all along the coastal routes which can be found within the Gulf Islands along with Strait of Juan Fuca. The routes to the Queen Charlotte Islands along with Kitimat makes the marine transportation in Canada a very sturdy one, which helps the operators carry dry bulk and liquid bulk cargo with some of the vessels which meet the maximum size along with capacity limits of Great Lakes along with St. Lawrence Seaway System.

The Marine industry in Atlantic Canada gets engaged in myriad of activities which includes container transportation to NewFoundland by Oceanex where the oil platform resupply by companies like Secunda Marine which includes shuttling of the crude oil between platforms and the oil terminals with Canship Ugland Ltd. The region has rich shipbuilding history with shuttling crude oil between all the platforms along with Marine Atlantic and Northumberland Ferries.The western arctic system with the marine operations which primarily occur in Mackenzie River Watershed along with the Great Slave Lake. The Ferry service operates in Yukon along with five Ferry services which gets offered in Northwest Territories.

The various services and information related to the marine transportation along with the navigational aids, commercial vehicles and pleasure craft makes it one of the region to enjoy the better facilities through Sea Transport in Canada. The Fisheries are also take the help of sea transportation as fishing trawlers are also a part of the marine industry and also the people who are into Marine transport services whether being the cruise owners, fleet owners and commercial vessel find the easy way to get the services.The registration along with taking the help of navigational aid for easy operation of communications and traffic systems with the help of nautical charts, weather reports and ice-breaking trawlers with also the training and certification of individuals who further become sailors and helps in navigation.

The Sea Transport in Canada is given full aid or support by the vessel inspection and certification team which completes the voluntary compliance program and manage the certification needs. Also, buying pleasure craft and courtesy check along with the requirements for foreign crafts with approved products make Canada one of the safest countries for Sea Transportation.

Ferry Terminal Name:- Nanaimo
Ferry Terminal Address:- 160 Front St, Nanaimo, BC V9S 5R1, Canada

Ferry Terminal Name:- Horseshoe Bay
Ferry Terminal Address:- 6750 Keith Rd, West Vancouver, BC V7W 2V1, Canada

Ferry Terminal Name:- Port Hardy
Ferry Terminal Address:- Ferry Ramp, Port Hardy, BC, Canada

Ferry Terminal Name:- Sidney
Ferry Terminal Address:- 11300 Pat Bay Highway, Sidney, BC V8L 3S8, Canada

Ferry Terminal Name:- Prince Rupert
Ferry Terminal Address:- 250 Trans-Canada Hwy, Prince Rupert, BC V8J 1C8, Canada

Ferry Terminal Name:- Marine Atlantic Argentia
Ferry Terminal Address:- Marine Atlantic Argentia Terminal, Charter Ave, Placentia, NL A0B 2Y0, Canada

Ferry Terminal Name:- North Sydney
Ferry Terminal Address:- 149, Prince St, North Sydney, NS B2A 3V2, Canada

Harbour Name:- Port of Saint John
Harbour Address:- 111 Water St., Saint John, NB, E2L 0B1, Canada

Harbour Name:- Sydney Harbour (Nova Scotia)
Harbour Address:- North Sydney, NS B2A 1C3, Canada

Harbour Name:- Charlottetown Harbour
Harbour Address:- Charlottetown, PE C1A 0C4, Canada

Harbour Name:- Port Hawkesbury
Harbour Address:- 606 Reeves St., Port Hawkesbury, NS.,B9A 2R7, Canada

Harbour Name:- Saint John Harbour
Harbour Address:- Saint John City, New Brunswick, Canada.

Harbour Name:- Port of Quebec
Harbour Address:- 150 Dalhousie Street, P.O. Box 80, Station Haute-Ville,Quebec, G1R 4M8, Canada

Harbour Name:- Port of Montreal
Harbour Address:- 3400 Notre-Dame St. East, Montreal, QC, H1W 2J2, Canada

Harbour Name:- Toronto Harbour
Harbour Address:- 475 Unwin Ave, Toronto, ON M4M 3M2, Canada

Harbour Name:- Halifax Harbour
Harbour Address:- P.O. Box 336, Halifax, Nova Scotia, B3J 2P6, Canada

Harbour Name:- Victoria Harbour (British Columbia)
Harbour Address:- 100-1019 Wharf Street, Victoria, BC V8W 2Y9, Canada

Harbour Name:- Port of Vancouver
Harbour Address:- 999 Canada Pl, Vancouver, BC V6C 3T4, Canada