Rideau Canal Skateway Tour, Canada

The ice skating is a magical experience and it is a vibrant activity which is carried on the frozen ice rinks or in the natural surroundings by the enthusiastic people who love ice skating. The skating on the canal in Ottawa is done on the Rideau Canal and a section of the Rideau Canal passes through Central Ottawa which has become officially the world’s largest and second longest skating rink. The cleared length is 7.8 kilometers which is 4.8 miles along with the equivalent surface area of approximately 90 Olympics ice hockey rinks. The Ottawa canal ice skating rink runs from Hartwell locks at Carleton University and the Parliament Buildings and the Chateau Laurier which includes Dow’s lake in between.

The Rideau Canal is the Ontario’s UNESCO World Heritage site and it freezes during the winter and the scenic canal is Ontario’s only UNESCO World Heritage Site making the conveniently skating rink a great place to enjoy in the downtown Ottawa and vibrant neighbourhood. The magical experience which people get at the Rideau Canal Skateway’s which is bigger than 105 National Hockey League Rinks and the National Capital Commission is the organization which is responsible for the skate-way with the drills holes in the Canal ice along with pumping of water on the surface.

The Rideau Canal Skateway hosts a daily average of 20,000 visitors during winter months and it includes many Ottawans who live near the canals and many people use it to skate to the school or also to the work which gives them a pleasure of a different kind. The Ottawans who live near the canal and hosts special programs which is hosted during Winterlude festival and also it takes place during the first three weekends of February each year. The Skateways which is universally accessible and the people of Ottawa along with the others who visit are thankful to the authorities as they make many access ramps along with the heated change rooms and washrooms.

The Skateway is open to the public and it’s free along with accessibility for 7 days and 24 hours a week, makes it easy for the people. Also, the lamps and lighting at the Skateway which makes it a place to merry at night time as well. The winters are romantic in this part of the world and people love to do all kinds of activities including hunting and with wintry evenings which is gliding hand and hand in all hues at a skating rink makes life more beautiful to them. The skate and sleigh rentals with renting a pair from Capital Skates on the Skateway near National Arts Centre or the Fifth Avenue along with renting of sleighs is also pushed by skaters which is about enjoying with family whether children or non-skaters.

The food stands are great and facilities are also great along with Winterlude festival which has many other activities such as ice sculptures along with free musical entertainment which is a snow playground and the art exhibits which are equipped with list of good pubs and restaurants with entire Rideau Canal being a great place to visit.