St. Lawrence Shopping Market, Canada

St. Lawrence Shopping Market, Canada

St. Lawrence Market is a public market in Toronto, Ontario, Canada which is located at the Front St. East and Jarvis St. in the Old Town District of Toronto. The Lawrence Market has been demolished and redeveloped with market functions which has moved to South although in a temporary building. The South Building dates back from 1845 and has been rebuilt twice which still incorporates a section of original building which was known as Toronto City Hall. The St. Lawrence Market has been known as the world’s best food market by National Geographic in April 2012 and the office building is on King at Jarvis which is built in 1850.

The original market was known as Market Square and people gathered on Saturdays at corner of King Street and New Street which stretches from West to Church Street along with a creek running through centre from King South to The Bay. The St. Lawrence market is considered to be the best food market in the world by National Geographic in 2012, and it is a fantastic place which could not be found at some of the best eateries in the city. The fresh produce and the artisan cheeses along with prepared and baked foods, meat and other popular food items are found here.

The St. Lawrence market centre-place is not known for the building which is a market but it has played host to many other city events which includes, lectures and exhibitions. The hall along with the accompanying building has gone through many renovations and sometimes it has also been demolished entirely to give it a new look making it contemporary or as according to the new found architecture. If the layout of the market is concerned then the market comprises of three main buildings which includes South Market, North Market and St. Lawrence Hall which has main and lower levels of South Market.

It is said that the market has something for every kind of person and to satiate their appetite as some of the must eat food items here are Buster’s Sea Cove which is a form of fish sandwich along with calamari, steamed mussels and many other items. The Carousel bakery has the world famous peameal Bacon sandwich and people come from far and wide to enjoy the food and services which sell as many as 2600 sandwiches on a daily basis.

The location of the St. Lawrence market is at 92-95 Front St. Easta and the heart of Downtown Toronto. It has a temporary home located at 125, The Esplanade and is close to the original market’s South Building. The market is open from Tuesday to Thursday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. and is close to the original Market’s South Building. The St. Lawrence Market runs from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Sundays only and there are many easy way to reach the station. One can reach the market via King Subway Station or else take a 504 King Streetcar East to Jarvis St. After that one could take some easy walk to the Esplanade.

Location:- Toronto City, Canada

Open Year:- 1968

Parking:- Available

Distances from St. Lawrence Market:-

Downtown Toronto : 0.9 Mile (1.6 KM)

Ottawa City : 278.9 Mile (448.9 KM)

Montreal City : 336.1 Mile (541.0 KM)

Vancouver City : 2613.6 Mile (4206.3 KM)

Calgary City : 2012.1 Mile (3238.2 KM)

Edmonton City : 2049.2 Mile (3297.9 KM)