Toronto Eaton Centre Toronto, Canada

Toronto Eaton Centre Toronto, Canada

Toronto Eaton Centre, Toronto is one of the most famous shopping mall along with the office complex in Downtown Toronto, Ontario. The tower is managed by Cadillac Fairview with the Eaton’s Department as the store chain anchored it. It is one of the North America’s busiest shopping mall and due to its extensive transit access it is also known in the Downtown location with tourist traffic being diverted to the area for all the fun and frolic. In the year 2015, the number of people visiting the mall or the complex was more than people visiting at Toronto Pearson International Airport which shows that the downtown attraction is very much popular among the tourists.

The Toronto Easton Centre, Toronto with the complex which is bounded by Yonge Street on the East and with the Queen Street West on South along with Dundas Street West on the North, and with the West of the direction flanked by James Street and Trinity Square. The flagship store can be precisely found at the location and is found to be at Hudson’s Bay departmental store chain and it has been with the complex being connected by Skywalk over the Queen Street West. The main retail mall in the centre is organized through a long arcade which runs parallel to the Yonge Street.

The downtown city blocks which boasts more than 230 stores has bright airy retail space and the Toronto Eaton Centre includes the impressive modern food court with some of the famous brand stores like Michael by Michael Kors along with Victoria’s Secret with Uniqlo and Nordstrom queuing up for the fascinating stores making it a great place for welcoming millions of Canadians. The opening of the centre was in 1977 and with the Eaton Centre setting the retail standards with modeled in terms of the standard set by “The Galleria” in Milan, Italy one could easily find the featured vaulted glass ceilings. It has also opened the multi-levels of pedestrian and retail space with the well-known Canadian artist Michael Snow proving the whimsical flock of the geese sculpture which hangs from the ceiling.

It is still called the Toronto Eaton centre and since 1999 the Eaton which is not a store since 1999, as the retail chain went out of business with the flagship store on the Yonge Street in Toronto has made many of the people to have memories of people shopping with hours to be spent here. The Toronto Eaton Centre is found at 200 Yonge Street which is found to be also near to many of the budget and some fine accommodation with the few names being The Grand along with the Hilton Hotel and The Chelsea Hotel which are known to be great hotel chains.

Still with number of stores being approximately more than 235 it is said to be one of the biggest with eateries to be found here with some notable restaurants such as KFC, Subway and Tim Hortons thus making it a great place for foodies as well.

Location:- Downtown Toronto, Canada

Open Year:- 1977

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