Toronto International Film Festival Tour, Canada

Toronto International Film Festival Tour, Canada

About Toronto International Film Festival:- Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) is one of the largest attended film festival and it attracts around 4,80,000 people on an annual basis. The film festival which is known in the film fraternity as TIFF, was founded way back in 1976 and since then it become a permanent destination for film culture to operate out of TIFF Bell Lightbox which is located at the downtown Toronto. The film festival offers screenings, discussions, festivals along with workshops, industry support and chance to promote the film-makers along with Canada and around the world. The location of the TIFF Bell Lightbox is on the North West corner of the King Street and John Street in downtown Toronto.

The Toronto International Film Festival is termed with the aim of screening movies from many other film festivals and it has become one of the largest annual showcase of the film which is attended by both industry professionals and public with films from all genres getting showcased in all languages. The festival is also renamed the Toronto International Film Festival(TIFF) in 1995 along with moving at TIFF Bell Lightbox which is a five storey complex that features galleries, cinemas and other variety of film resources. The film festival is held annually at Toronto in the month of September and runs for 10 days which starts mostly on a Thursday after Canada’s Labour Day.

Toronto International Film Festival Celebration:- The Toronto International Film Festival runs for 10 days and in between it showcases 300 to 400 films from around the globe with average attendance of more than 250,000. The festival is particularly known for the platform for popularizing and promoting new films as well and also it shows some great movies of famous directors from the archives so as to give the understanding of cinema and its impact along with the changes which has made the film industry a significant one all around the globe. The film such as The Hurt Locker(2008) which was a low-budget drama about the Iraq War further got a distributor in U.S.A because of the favorable reviews it has received at TIFF. By 2010, the film win six Academy Awards and received Best picture award.

The Toronto International Film Festival start with fall movie season with studios often begin with Oscar campaigns and it already has films that already have distributors debut at the festival as well and it generates the early buzz which also launch the Oscar winner movies and the Oscar campaigns which have distributors debut at the festival as well with hope of generating the early buzz and further launch future Oscar winners with exceptional showcase of Canadian films by Canadian filmmakers. The Festival’s people choice award with the help of balloting done by audiences with indicator of success and films which are reputed one are often showcase here such as Life is Beautiful(1998), American Beauty(1999), Slumdog Millionaire(2008).

The Jury Prize which is a part of every film festival are given at TIFF in several categories and it is known for the celebrity buzz it brings and said that the showcasing of film here creates good chances of winning Oscar in the coming year because of the eminent jury and directors.

Location:- Toronto City, Canada