Celebration of Light Vancouver Tour, Canada

Celebration of Light Vancouver Tour, Canada

About Vancouver Celebration of Light :- Vancouver Celebration of Light Vancouver is an annual musical fireworks which is known as “Symphony of Fire” and is also a competition. The celebration is one of the Vancouver’s largest and most well known festivals which is also recognized as the longest running off-shore fireworks competition in the world. It sees most of the annual attendance of 1.4 Million people with the former known as Benson & Hedges Symphony of Fire. The multiple day event most of the time takes place between July 25 to August 5. The program is better known as Honda Celebration of Light and there are many countries which participate in it such as South Africa, Sweden along with South Korea and it gives the Fireworks Display and musical accompaniment helps to get theme which is voted by public with all love.

History Vancouver Celebration of Light :- The fireworks which one could experience as the city’s signature summer events with the fireworks which lights up the sky over English Bay for the three nights at the end of July. The Vancouver crowds gets all the excitement with three countries competing with each other and also music is choreographed with spectacular displays to music as they are launched off a floating barge in the bay. The fireworks which is done with the help of Chrysanthemums, Peonies and Horsetails that explode all over the city with mighty crack which bounces of the mountains. The crowds flock from all over to the Waterfront and around English Bay with Burrard Inlet with also carrying picnic blankets along with folding chairs on the beach to enjoy the show.

Vancouver Celebration of Light Celebration:- The celebration of Light kicks off each evening and with also accompanying the music festival down at the Sunset Beach with the Vancouver’s largest free community by the name of Shorefest and it is the largest free community concert series with Bands start hitting the stages in the early afternoon along with the crowds getting warmed up for the main spectacular event which is of-course known as Vancouver-Celebration of Light. It has been 28 long years since when the Celebration of Light or the annual firework events brighten the skies over the beautiful English Bay. The upcoming events which is 2019 Lineup will features displays from India, Canada and Croatia. It marks the first year when both India and Croatia will perform with pyrotechnics in Vancouver for the Celebration of Light.

The city has given much to the world through it’s spectacular show of light and music enjoyment with now the advantage in terms of making it grand is through incredible lineup of participating countries with host of wonderful activities with the public to enjoy in the most visible manner. The 29 Years in Vancouver will be this year which will make the festival alive and it helps the city to showcase it on the world stage. To watch this event one can also find a plot out of the spot along the beach at English Bay or in Vanier Park along with finding a better way which is through ticketed packages to enjoy a cozier view which includes special beach and park viewing area with better amenities.

Celebration Of Light Festival Vancouver :- Late July / early August

Location:- English Bay, Vancouver city, Canada