Whale Watching Tours Vancouver, Canada

Whale Watching Tours Vancouver, Canada

Whale watching is one of the most favorite activity for the people who try to go at various places which are known to be some great destinations around the world for whale watching. The Whale watching tours Vancouver which is in Canada has given the opportunity to many of the people for watching Whales in a safe way and through the month from March to October each year whales are known to migrate through waters near Vancouver. The number of tour operators has come up and with watching expeditions around the Gulf and San Juan Islands one can spot pods of whales in their natural habitats.

The high speed zodiac or the fully equipped cruiser along with kayak or the seaplane are some of the ways through which tour operators try to give people some of the best ways to enjoy the whale watching which has become a habit of people to see the varieties of whales pass through the sea water. The whale watching tours Vancouver helps the people not only with the various species of whales such as humpback whales, orcas, gray whales and minke whales.The whales which are the biggest of the mammals in the sea water are known to be helping themselves with tossing over the water and the peculiar whistling sound could be heard once the water comes out gushing from their gills which gives enjoyment to people of every age.

The sea-faring mammals are not the only one which are a treat to watch but the range of seabirds along with brown pelicans, harlequin ducks, Pacific loons along with tufted puffins and the bald eagles are some of the species which are known to be the main attractions in terms of whale watching. The few items which are essential while watching whales are either carried on their own or are provided by the tour operators such as binoculars and also sea safety suits which people wear while getting into the cage and plunging down inside the sea waters to get the real understanding of whales and various other aquatic animals in the water with oxygen tanks and mask in tow and live recording to be done with attached cameras.

It is good to see that in-spite of global threat towards the aquatic population and in various parts of the world the British Columbia’s or the sea at Vancouver has seen large influx of sea lions, dolphins, otters, birds and other creatures including whales with all others wide range of marine creatures getting the people to enjoy with their presence and thus Whale watching tours Vancouver is one of the best in terms of attracting large number of crowds in the whale watching season. The catamaran which is a specialized boat with all the equipment including safety materials help the people to get an experience of a lifetime with keeping all the enjoyment in the guided itinerary.

Thus, one could understand the whales from near and the highlights of the Whale watching Tours Vancouver making it a fully-guided watching along with marine wildlife tour and the year-round whale sighting guarantee makes the tour a success.