Whitehorse City Tour, Canada

About Whitehorse City:- Whitehorse City is the capital city of Yukon and the only largest city in Northern Canada. The Whitehorse’s is known for its downtown and Riverdale areas which has occupied both the shores of Yukon river. The city has got it’s name after White Horse Rapids which resemblance the mane of a white horse. The location is in the Whitehorse valley climate is found to be milder with least of the air-pollution in the world making it to the Guiness Book of World records. The 70 percent of the entire population of the Yukon territory is of the indigenous population and the nickname given is “The Wilderness City”.

When the history of the Whitehorse city is asked then “The Archaeological Research” towards the South of the downtown area with popular name as Canyon City has given the evidence of use by First Nations for thousands of years. The fish camping was the main way to sustain themselves before the Gold rush and with several different tribes passing through area seasonally and territories overlapped. The finding of Gold took to stampede and once it got done then copper was found which helped in sustaining the population and giving the city a new found name to become a bigger settlement.

Whitehorse City Culture:- The White Pass and Yukon Route narrow-gauge railway which links Skagway to Whitehorse which begun the construction in May, 1898 with the North End of Benett lake to the Whitehorse. The Whitehorse star got reported on the daily freight volumes and the railway people wish to change the name of the city to Closeleigh but got refused by William Ogilvie. The city got designated as the capital of the Yukon territory with the seat moving from Dawson territory. If one talks about the temperature Whitehorse is the warmest place in Yukon and with the Canada being very cold people prefer to spend their holidays here.

The airport is known to give the accurate measurements for the city and the Whitehorse Riverdale Weather station is located at a lower elevation thus it is found to be more warmer. Now, thinking about the rainfall it has very little precipitation with the average annual snowfall which also consists of rainfall. If the population is concerned the Whitehorse has young and active population with the amenities which one can make you feel surprised is the Canada’s Games Centre with a daily attendance of 3000 people and with biking, hiking and cross-country with downhill skiing people who love sports find it to be a great place which also leads to skilled trading program through small business community.

Here, are the top places to enjoy at Whitehorse, Canada:- SS Klondike ii National Historic site, Miles Canyon, Yukon Wildlife Preserve, Ascent of the Salmon, Town Tour, Yukon Transportation Museum, Yukon Beringia Interpretive Centre, Yukon Government Building, Yukon Arts Centre, Frantic Follies at Westmark Whitehorse Hotel.

Thus, one could say that Whitehorse, Canada is a popular destination for many game based activities and it is a graet destination for youth.

Tourists attractions:- SS Klondike National Historic Site to Ferry trip; Old Log Church Museum; Millenium Trail Hike - Mountain Hiking; Miles Canyon Hike; McBride Museum; Takhini Hot Springs; Whitehorse Fishway; Miles Canyon etc.

Things to do:- Ferry & Boating trip on Yukon River; Yukon Visitor Centre - Hiking centre; Canada Games Centre - indoor recreation; Frostbite Music Festival celebration; Yukon International Storytelling Festival; Ski Club to winter sports; mountain bike.

Weather Temperature

Months Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Average Low (℃) -19.2 -17.6 -11.9 -4.6 1.0 5.6 8.0 6.7 2.1 -3.2 -12.9 -16.5
Average High (℃) -11.0 -7.7 -0.7 6.6 13.5 19.1 20.6 18.5 12.1 4.2 -6.0 -8.5

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Distances from Whitehorse city:-

Toronto City : 3391.0 Mile (5457.4 KM)

Montreal City : 3456.3 Mile (5562.4 KM)

Vancouver City : 1488.9 Mile (2396.2 KM)

Calgary City : 1394.9 Mile (2245.0 KM)

Ottawa City : 3378.5 Mile (5437.3 KM)

Edmonton City : 1236.9 Mile (1990.6 KM)

Nearest Major Airport:- "Whitehorse International Airport" provides domestic and international flights services which is just 5.8 KM distance from Whitehorse city centre. Tourists can get flights here to other cities of the Canada and some foreign countries.